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Considering changing from the IUD

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MummySharkDooDooDooDoo · 04/11/2018 22:11

I got the IUD (copper coil) fitted in June. The first month I had spotting and a short cycle (21 days) followed by a long period (10 days). Since then, my cycle has gone back to about 27 days and for a while my periods got a little bit shorter but now they're back to being 10 days with about 3 days at the end being really heavy. Those 3 days are heavier than the 1 heavy day I used to have and the amount of blood I'm losing is completely wiping me out. I suspect that my iron levels are a bit low after my period and I'm feeling completely exhausted and very weak. The other thing that is an irritation with the coil is that I tend to get a metallic smelling discharge. My GP assures me this is normal but even so, it makes me feel unclean.

My GP who fitted it said to give it 12 months before giving up on it as I need to give my body a chance to settle down. In theory that's fine, even the long cycles I could put up with, but the amount of blood loss and feeling completely crap from it is making me want to get rid of it now.

The other option I would try is the Mirena. But the reason I didn't go for this initially is because hormonal contraception has previously made my depression worse. Although I've also been told that because the hormones are localised to the uterus, they don't affect you in the same way. I'm still a bit cautious though.

I don't know what to do. If I should try to ride it out with the copper coil or try the Mirena. Does anyone have any experience of the copper coil getting better over time?

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