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Self care: what are you going to do to look after YOU tomorrow?

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun · 28/10/2018 20:21

Being a working mum I find it's easy to become exhausted looking after other people & meeting their needs. I have been thinking about ways to combat this. One of which is to focus day by day on things that will help me feel better & more on top of things. A bit of self care if you will.

Decided to share this with you to get some inspiration and hopefully inspire others.
So, here goes...

Tomorrow I am going to:

  1. get enough exercise! Even if I don't feel like it I will cycle to the pool and do my lengths.

  1. Stock up on healthy food - to prevent any tired snacking on chocolate!

  1. Limit time on social media so that I get everything done that I need to and don't feel stressed about not getting enough ticked off my to do list.

  1. Avoid alcohol & get a much better night's sleep - improving my mood & tolerance in general.

  1. book a massage to help sort out my middle aged aches & pains. And not feel like this is outrageous.

What are you going to do for you tomorrow? ThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks
OP posts:
SmiledWithTheRisingSun · 30/10/2018 19:49

Today I got back into the 5:2 way of eating and am really pleased about this.

I cycled to the pool and did lengths yesterday & am planning the same tomorrow.

Anyone else want to share the things they have done / plan to do to look after themselves this week?

OP posts:
Sleepingbunnies · 30/10/2018 19:52

I hate this time of year. Tonight I am already in bed. Will take the children truck or treating tomorrow but all I want to
Do at this time of year is hibernate. Must make a conscious effort to try and not to.

Thewolvesarerunningagain · 30/10/2018 19:56

Great idea! I love your thinking on this, very positive.

I'll join. Tomorrow I am going to eat a healthy lunch (rather than grabbing toast from cafe at work) and go for a long(ish) walk.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun · 05/11/2018 10:35

Sleepingbunnies I think hibernating is fine if that's what you need to do!

I went to bed at 9:30 last night as it had been a hugely busy week and I have a cold.

Going to shop for healthy food this morning and plan some nutritious meals for the week.

Going to start reading a new book tonight and get loads of early nights in this week.

Not drinking alcohol this week either Grin

OP posts:
SmiledWithTheRisingSun · 05/11/2018 10:36

Hope you enjoy your long walk Thewolves Grin

OP posts:
SmiledWithTheRisingSun · 05/11/2018 20:45

Ok was a in a bit of a Monday mood today after a fun but extra busy weekend. And bit feeling very well... So made a beautiful roast mushroom & garlic lasagne for dinner and had a long hot bath! Going to have an early night and start my new book finally 😆

What have YOU done to look after YOU today? 🤔

OP posts:
Sleepingbunnies · 14/11/2018 20:37

I’m hibernating. Most nights after work I just get into bed and sleep, totally screwing up my body clock though as I’m then waking ridiculously early :(

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