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Cerezette or minipill bleeding every 14 days.

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Katearty · 21/10/2018 23:18

Every 14 days to the day for six months now.

I was on it for about five years before I had my first child and never had any bleeding and got pregnant six weeks after coming off it.

Went back on it six weeks post-partum but after I'd had a smear a couple of months late r and she was asking me when my last period was and I couldn't actually confirm wether or not I'd had one after I'd had my baby or if it was just post-partum bleeding I decided to come off the pill and give my body the chance to have a period for my own piece of mind really.

Big mistake. Ever since I've been back on the pill I've been bleeding every 14 days... it's so light too. I usually just where panty liners but it goes on for about five days. Plus I have these really light period pains which are barely noticeable but just a little bit annoying.

I've been to see my doctor about it and he told me to "persevere" but I'm seriously considering a change but I don't want anything long term due to wanting to try for another baby probably sometime over the next couple of years.

I'm just a at my wits end with it... to go from never ever having a bleed to these really light regular annoying ones.

Has anyone else had experience with this or can recommend something else??? Or know when it might regulate?

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