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Boots heavy period tablets

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CherLooksYoungerThanMe · 21/10/2018 19:54

Has anybody tried these? Did they work? My periods have been heavy since I last gave birth (GP is aware) and can be a little difficult to manage. I have to take a long journey this week, on the day that I predict will be one of the heaviest days, so thought I'd give these a go.

Anyone tried them? I'm hoping they'll just do enough to get me securely through the trip!

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bringbackthestripes · 21/10/2018 19:58

It has tranexamic acid in - which I actually have on prescription for heavy periods so they will work BUT it takes a couple of days to take effect so you need to take on day 1 of your period. 2 tabs X 3 times a day.

bringbackthestripes · 21/10/2018 20:01

I mean start taking on day one, don’t just take on that one day!

Alienspaceship · 21/10/2018 20:03

I didn’t know these existed! What exactly do I need to ask for? Thanks.

ChardonnaysPrettySister · 21/10/2018 20:03

They work.

Try them, I find they work within an hour, so only need to take them for one or two days.

Catsandbootsandbootsandcats · 21/10/2018 20:08

Yes, they work, I've used them quite a few times and had no problems with them. They are expensive though, so if you do need to use them regularly I'd go to the GP and get tranexamic acid prescribed.

Alienspaceship · 21/10/2018 20:28

Any side effects?

CherLooksYoungerThanMe · 21/10/2018 20:34

Looks promising! The pharmacist was very firm that they should be taken for no more than two days, but an improvement for just the travelling day would be fine.

Does the GP prescribe a larger pack? It was £7.49, which would probably cover two months if they were taken in an ongoing way. Just thinking about possible future options.

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MistressDeeCee · 21/10/2018 20:39

Tranexamic worked ok for me but extended my period by about 4 days, which I hated. Switched to Norethisterone tablets (not sure if I've spelt right) on short term basis

Stressedoverkids · 21/10/2018 20:41

patient leaflet

Just to point out they aren't always suitable so I have posted a link to the patient leaflet above.

CherLooksYoungerThanMe · 21/10/2018 20:43

I've tried norethisterone when I went on holiday a few years ago. Worked perfectly at stopping the period starting, but then my cycle was irregular for ages, which annoyed me. I'd probably still use it for a holiday, but not sure it's perfect for me.

Also heard that ibuprofen can lighten a period. Anyone tried that? Bit worried I'd give myself an ulcer......

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