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Prolonged bleeding

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MrsT23 · 21/10/2018 12:18

Hi all, wondered if anybody might be able to help... I had my first baby 9 months ago and since then have been back on the pill, having normal periods etc. I changed to the progesterone only pill a couple of months back which led to no periods at all (result!) Now in the last month I've experienced prolonged bleeding for pretty much ten days at a time with only a 3 day break then it's back again. Sorry if this is too much info but the blood isn't normal either it's bright red and thin almost like a cut would be... I'm hoping to get into the gp this week as it's been going on too long now but wondered if anybody has had a similar experience?
So far I've been reading dr google and have scared myself now! 🙈 thanks! X

OP posts:
Katearty · 21/10/2018 23:29

Having similar issues since going back on the pill. I now bleed every 14 days for around five days and it's literally pink all the time as there is so little off it. I find it very similar to later days in post-partum bleeding rather than a period.

I spoke to my doctor last week and her told me to persevere with the mini pill!

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