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Worried about my Mum - any advice?

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trippingup · 11/10/2018 12:42

Sort of a WWYD post. My mum is 56 and is very overweight, she has always been depressed and has taken medicine and seen counsellors for it. We aren't close and I live far away. I've always worried about her health and now she has had a few healthy scares... not really sure what but shes been to hospital and them given the all clear. I can't help but feel she is seeking attention. My dad and sister have tried to ask her to lose weight - but we all well know it has to be the person who wants to do it. She is very inactive and I wondered about getting a personal trainer or life coach just to walk with her and chat? She is always totally exhausted. She works full time and just gets home and sits on facebook or playing games. She is always too tired to do anything. I know she would hate the thought of a personal trainer or exercise... I just don't want her to die and I didn't try to do something. I know that sounds so blunt!

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itbemay · 11/10/2018 12:49

I can see you are coming from a place of love but this has to come from your mum. Have you tried sitting with her as a family and telling her how you feel?

Its a tough one OP.

trippingup · 11/10/2018 12:53

Thanks @itmaybe my sister and dad have tried. When a friends mum passed away my sister said she didnt want to see my mum go down that route. I guess we need to get her to see her own self-worth. She's such an emotional person... like me haha!

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