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Internal thrush

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Flatasapancakenow · 07/10/2018 08:39

I know there's a thread similar to this on here already but I think the OP on that was dealing with external thrush and she got some amazing advice. I was hoping to get some advice about recurrent internal thrush.

It is definitely thrush and not anything else, the Dr took a swab. It just keeps. coming. back. The Dr prescribed a pessary which I used early last week and it all cleared up, but then today I can feel it coming back again - 10 days later!

I tried mentioning it to my friends but a lot of them had never bad thrush before in their lives Blush.

I know if I were those synthetic no-VPL type pants they kick it off, as well as thongs....

It's just so uncomfortable and it gets me down. Does anyone have any advice?

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Chocolatecoffeeaddict · 07/10/2018 08:45

Apple cider vinegar is what helped me. A whole bottle in a shallow bath and sit in for a good half hour.

Fairylea · 07/10/2018 08:50

Go back to the gp and get them to prescribe the oral tablet (or you can buy it over the counter for about a tenner). I suffer with persistent oral and whole body thrush due to autoimmune disabilities and that’s the only thing that really works for me. The pessarys only work if it’s mild vaginal thrush, they won’t clear your whole body of it so it doesn’t come back (hopefully for a long time)! I have to use the tablet every few months but that’s because of my health conditions. It really works well.

Fairylea · 07/10/2018 08:51

This -

You can also get own brands of the same thing.

Flatasapancakenow · 07/10/2018 08:56

Thank you. I'll have to speak to the GP about it because I'm 7wks pregnant. I will definitely be trying the apple cider vinegar bath. At this point I'd do anything just to be shot of it!

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