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Mastitis - please help!

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justtheoddquestion · 10/09/2018 19:35

Hi, I've been breastfeeding since my son was born - 5.5wks ago. Today my right breast is really swollen and painful and in fact, a but lumpy at the top (above the nipple). Baby has fed (successfully) from it 3 times for a long enough period and I know the milk flow is okay but it's rock hard and so painful. My left breast is 'relaxed' and feels empty after a feed. I think it's mastits. Obviously it's 7.30pm and I can't get to the doctor till tomorrow. What can I do to get through the night? Thanks.

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Beetlebum1981 · 10/09/2018 19:51

Try going in a warm shower and hand expressing, try to massage the lumpy bits. I had this with DD1 and thankfully this solved the problem. I know from friends experiences though that if you start to feel flu like you need to get a Drs appointment and get some antibiotics.

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