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Newly diagnosed with adenomyosis and a 5cm ovarian cyst

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MayLeaveADentInYourSofa · 30/07/2018 20:18

I have 45 with no previous experience of a gynae type issue. Almost overnight I started to have pain, heavy bleeding etc. So I am relieved to have a diagnosis but in a bit of shock too.

I would be interested if anyone is willing to share their experiences and any advice on what questions I should ask my GP when I see him tomorrow?

Also, does anyone else have experience of the two diagnosis at the same time? Do they normally manifest together? Is 5cm a concerning size?

Many thanks.

OP posts:
Easter2 · 07/08/2018 05:25

I have had both& neither were concerning enough. I mean the pain was unbearable but when they determined the cyst wasn't cancerous, had to wait & wait for it to go away on its own. At the time, I couldn't understand the logic because of how big the cyst was but being told to go home& come back end of month to see if it has changed. I ended up going on the pill to reduce chance of future cyst & pain has gotten better at times. Good luck

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