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Possible 2nd ectopic pregnancy

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sophielc · 28/07/2018 19:14


I had an ectopic pregnancy in March this year which resulted in me being rushed to surgery at 6 weeks. I had a positive pregnancy test but no other symptoms before then. I though I was pregnant this month as I had loads of symptoms, nausea, bad taste in mouth, tiredness etc. All HPTs came back negative and I was then late for my AF. I went to docs and he did a blood test which came back as below 7 (which apparently means not pregnant.) he is doing another one next week to check it’s not changed. I’m having some cramps on my left side (where remaining tube is) but I started bleeding today with bad period like cramps. Bleeding has now subsided a bit. I’m so worried this could be another ectopic but is left undetected. Could it be if my blood test came back negative?

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