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noregretsinlife · 28/07/2018 14:43

Hi I’m really worried and need advice I’m 29 and went for a smear test few weeks ago I’m ashamed to say this has been the second one iv ever had I waited on the results to come bk clear but I got a letter to say I need to attend an appointment at a colposcopy clinic for further test I’m so scared and not sure weather I should worry x

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avocadoincident · 28/07/2018 15:07

I've had two of these and they both came back perfectly fine. They are very cautious so we are lucky that the nhs look after us so attentively.

Take someone with you as it's nice to have some moral support and I didn't feel like driving afterwards.

Also I wished I'd shaved my legs, unfortunately for the nurse I was growing them ahead of a wax appointment and it was quite a shock for her!

Good luck lovely. X

Mabelface · 28/07/2018 15:13

Got the same letter through this morning. I had this done 22 years ago and it was fine. I'm not worried, the majority come back fine.

noregretsinlife · 28/07/2018 23:06

Thanks for replying i just don't understand why I'd need more tests in my head they must have noticed something x

OP posts:
Mabelface · 29/07/2018 22:08

Chances are you have some abnormal cells. What they'll do is a colposcopy. This is when they have a good look at your cervix with a dye that shows up the cells. They might take a biopsy. They'll likely burn the cells off there and then. It didn't hurt when i had it done. Just take a pad with you in case you bleed a little afterwards and don't have sex 24 hours before. It'll be fine.

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