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Boobs issues!

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Betty74 · 06/07/2018 23:56

I didn’t know what catergory to post this 🙈
Basically since having children (4 daughters) my boobs have disappeared. I never had big boobs anyway, I was a B cup now I barely fill a A cup due to the shape, they look like little deflated balloons. Bras are uncomfortable, literally feel like I’m falling out so I wear bralets or crop tops. Sometimes I don’t care other times I just cry over it, I’m quite happy with my figure after having kids but my saggy boobs just make me so self conscious. We go on holiday in a couple of weeks and I’m so worried about what I’ll look like in a bikini top (hate swimming costumes) I’ve even avoiding going shopping for one.
Is anyone else part of the itty bitty titty club?
Is there anything you can do other than surgery (I know there isn’t but someone might have a solution)
I don’t wanna wear push up bras or fillets, the size doesn’t bother me as much as the shape, there is there nothing above nipple. If they were small but round I’d be ok but saggy and tiny ain’t working for me 🙈
I’m just having a stress xx

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