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Is there anyway to find out how far into perimenopause I am?

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KatyMac · 06/07/2018 18:28

Or how much longer it will/would last?

I'm 50, well on the way I reckon and about to have a medical menopause & I wondered if knowing how far along I was would make any difference to post surgery medication

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KatyMac · 06/07/2018 20:24


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QueenoftheNights · 06/07/2018 21:52

Blood tests are unreliable because your cycles may be irregular. You could show as post meno one day and totally fertile the next. You might be able to have a specialised test on your ovarian reserve (which they offer privately to young women to give an idea of menopause.

I understand where you are coming from but the stats show that by 54 80% of women are post meno. Only a very few still have cycles at 55.

It won't make any difference at all to how much HRT you use. If they remove your ovaries you have no estrogen of your own at all and many women who have had a surgical menopause also need testosterone.

Are you able to access private gynaes? There are experts who can help with all of this as it sounds as if you have had just one opinion.

KatyMac · 07/07/2018 10:00

That's a shame

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