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Nausea weakness and more

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Bunnybutton · 04/07/2018 20:02

I posted on here the other day about my fainting episode after not having any breakfast and couldn't eat until 1pm.
I had bloods the other week an I'm low in iron and my blood sugar was low ( doctor was quick to say not to worry about blood sugar ) .
I had a celiac test yesterday and I'm waiting for the result .

This morning I had my coffee and glass of water and a yoghurt .
Took the kids to school and came back .... Just as I was preparing my breakfast I started feeling incredibly hungry and weak and shaky , I at and felt better ..... However I've felt nauseous all day , and this evening i started feeling all weak and shaky so I put a pizza in and dough balls and spaghetti hoops , I wolfed it down and I still felt weak and shaky and still incredibly hungry ..... Im never normally this hungry ! , I also have a slight pain in the pit of my stomache the place where the sick feeling is ....

Uhhhhhh wtf is going on with me 😢😢

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Bunnybutton · 04/07/2018 20:03

I'm not pregnant as I've just finished my period

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