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Urgent referral to gynae

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Peppersandrice · 20/06/2018 16:43

Bleeding in between periods and after intercourse, horrible mucous discharge and pelvic pain for a good few months. Finally made it to the doctors today and she took swabs to check for infection but said she needed me to be seen by gynae within the next couple weeks because my cervix looks to badly inflamed, and I would need a colposcopy.
What do I need to expect? Likely causes anyone? Smear was clear last year.
Thanks everyone.

OP posts:
MissCherryCakeyBun · 20/06/2018 16:51

I had a similar problem and it was an infection in my uterus ( thanks unfaithful husband-now ex husband ) after scans and swabs I had some strong antibiotics and I'm now sorted out

Try not to worry, I know it's easy to say, but keep a positive frame of mind and write down your symptoms a diary of when things have happened and any questions you may have so when you see the Gyne your ready for all the questions they will undoubtably ask

Good luck

MissCherryCakeyBun · 20/06/2018 16:53

Oh and I'm not saying your OH has been unfaithful and given you an infection....that's just what caused mine apparently there can be a lot of different causes

Peppersandrice · 20/06/2018 22:43

Thanks. I don’t suspect I have any STDs. But maybe another type of infection. I’m really reluctant to tell my mum. She’s going through treatment for endometrial cancer just now. Just need to see if I can find someone to watch my kids for my appointment!

OP posts:
MissCherryCakeyBun · 20/06/2018 23:19

Yeah mine wasn't an STD either just an infection that was passed on the Dr suspected by him.
Fingers crossed for you

ILoveMyDressingGown · 21/06/2018 01:03

I had an urgent ref to gynae when I had bleeding after sex that I'd ignored for 6 months or so.

I had an initial gynae app't where he had a look and took a smear.

A week later I had a colposcopy - like a smear but they 'paint' acetic acid and something else on your cervix and look at it through what looks like a big pair of binoculars. If they find an unusual area, like they did with me, they can either take a biopsy or treat it there.

If they do a lletz they numb your cervix, which is a bit painful, and then use an electric loop thing to sort of cut out the unusual area. It feels warm, like you're being filled up with hot water. It bleeds a bit and feels a bit achy like period pains and weeps for a week or two afterwards.

They check it for clear margins making sure they have all the precancerous cells surrounded by a continuous line of normal cells.

They found a big area of precancerous cells on my cervix and some cancerous ones (they called me just over a week after the colposcopy app't and I had to go back to see the consultant). He said I had grade 1a1 cervical cancer.

I had to have blood tests and an MRI scan to see if there were any growths or whatever but there were none so three months later I had a cold knife cone biopsy where they took a bigger chunk of my cervix under general anaesthetic.

That was almost 10 years ago now and I've had 2 children and no problems since then.

I think that certain symptoms trigger an urgent referral and it's very scary when everything is urgent and rushed but try to stay calm and remember that if you had a clear smear a year ago (as had I, 18 months before I went to the gp with bleeding), you're unlikely to have anything advanced.

I hope that you get your answers soon, that it's good news and that your mum's treatment goes well too.

Peppersandrice · 21/06/2018 10:06

Thank you ILove. Do you mind if I ask, did you have clear smears before that? I was a withering wether to take someone to the appointment but I will try if I can. I’m a bit of a wuss, so if they do anything there and then I’d probably get a bit wobbly for driving home!

OP posts:
ILoveMyDressingGown · 21/06/2018 12:27

Hi, yes I'd had a clear smear just over a year before the bleeding started.

You could always ask if they can delay treatment? You can take someone in with you to hold your hand and support you.

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