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Excess hair

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BeenThereDone · 19/06/2018 01:55

First time Post so please forgive....

I have always had an excisive body hair problem. I have a skin condition that makes waxing, shaving, hair removal cream somewhat painful resulting in blisters, ingrown, cysts. Due to the skin condition I can't do laser hair removal.
I'm like a bloody hairy beast and now it's starting on my face and hands. If I use any of the aforementioned hair removal methods, I'm itchy, lumpy, weepy.

What the hell am I to do?

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Candolim97 · 19/06/2018 02:06

Hi op, sorry to hear this I have chronic eczema and hirsutism so can relate. Have you been tested for pcos? Your Gp could possibly prescribe you the pill or spironolactone to help reduce hair growth

Also, spearmint tea can help some women with excessive hair growth. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me but ymmv

ladybird69 · 19/06/2018 03:17

I’m the same I now have to shave twice a day. I got so depressed that I actually asked my doctor if there was anything that I could take to get rid of it and she said that there was nothing I could take. Then had the old cherry you’re overweight and that’s throwing your hormones out of kilter so you need to lose weight!

BeenThereDone · 19/06/2018 09:20

Good to know I'm not on my own. Tbh never considered pcos as I've never had any other symptoms. I am overweight but I've always been hairy even when I was younger (and much thinner).

I guess part of the problem is I am sooo fair skinned I'm almost blue and my hair is blackest of black so highly visible.

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