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Weight Watchers

Daily menus

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twinkledag · 08/03/2020 14:58

Hi, signed up for WW (start tomorrow) and would love to share menu plans with others?

What are you eating and how many points?

OP posts:
iamyourequal · 08/03/2020 20:15

Hi twinkle
I am on week 4, following the Green plan. I typically eat 3 meals & 2-3 snacks as follows:
B: Porridge sachet & skimmed milk (7), Or poached eggs & tomato on diet toast.(7) or diet toast & banana (3)
Or hot cross bun & butter (8)

11am - 2 tangerines/small fruit. (0)

L: large salad with tuna, prawns or eggs and 2 slices diet toast & laughing cow. (6-8) Or: Low point tin of soup, small sandwich with diet bread & ham, chicken or cheese. (9)
Or diet ready meal & salad (8)

5pm - banana (0)

D: Lower fat version of family meal eg. Spaghetti Bolognese, chicken curry & rice, bean enchiladas; fish & chips. (9- 12)

Evening snack:
at Weekends: 2 Alcohol free lager & ww crisps & low fat humous. (6)

Mid-week evening snack, if I have one: ww coconut bar (2) or small pretzels. (3) Or light baby bel & cracker (2)

I also have skimmed milk in drinks (2)
I have 30-40 points a day, including 28 weeklies & 30 dailies.
I have lost 5 1/2 lb in 3 weeks, which is good for me as a short, middle aged female with a sluggish metabolism!
My meals aren’t very inspiring but I’m a busy working mum and don’t have time to cook all 3 meals!

thismeansnothing · 08/03/2020 20:23

I'm on blue so get 23 points a day. 35 weeklies. Then earn over 100 activity points.

I have all sorts and keep it varied so it's hard to write down in detail.

Breakfast could be bacon and eggs, overnight oats, yoghurt and fruit, omelette, beans or eggs on toast, toast and marmalade/jam.

Dinnner a sandwich if I haven't had bread in a morning. Soup. Eggs n bacon. Omelette. Aldi slim well meals. Roasted chicken breast or falafel or veggie/bean burgers and salad. Previous night's tea leftovers.

Tea. I use the recipes on the app ALOT. peanut butter chicken or teriyaki chicken and rice. Cod tagine and cous cous. Curries. Spag bol, chilli. Harissa sausages. Korma chicken and lentils. Thai green curry. Paprika chicken. Steak and ale. Chicken stew. Keema flatbreads. Burgers. I use the 2 chubby cubs book Alot as well.

Love WW cos there's so much that you can do to make it work and keep it varied. The main thing is tracking it all.

Nojeansplease · 10/03/2020 16:22

I’m on green
I normally have eggs and fruit or eggs on diet toast and fruit for breakfast.

Lunch can be a variety of snacks, like some cheese, a bagel thin, some crisps, fruit, carrot and veggies I like to snack on - that makes me feel like I get to eat loads of different things!
Or a ready meal or soup With fruit/salad/added veggies
Or depending on what’s happening at work sometimes it’ll need to be some fast food like a subway - kfc rice boxes are surprisingly low too!

Dinner is then something like a big bowl of tuna pasta with salad, large chicken salad with some flat bread, chicken rice and veggies, or tonight for example is a roasted butternut squash stuffed with veggies and chickpeas and lentils
Sometimes depending on my work schedule it will need to be fast food, Nando’s grilled butterfly chicken or chicken breast etc with some rice and broccoli isn’t bad on points.

Then I snack on things like bagel thins, muller lights, rice crispy squares, walkers baked crisps, go ahead bars - all when I need a treat. A good one I heard of is a meringue topped with quark and fruit (like passion fruit or strawberries) it feels really indulgent and it’s only 4 points on green.

I also snack on fruit and veg like carrots, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes..

I lost 4lbs this week, and I (almost) never feel hungry! The only thing I miss is chocolate but I think there are ways to include it that are lower points.

soupforbrains · 13/03/2020 17:02

I'm on blue

Mon-Fri I have the same breakfast and lunch

Breakfast: 150g fat free natural greek yoghurt and 100g fruit compote (3pts)

Lunch: 2 ryvita cracker breads, 1 philidelphia light mini tub, 25g smoked salmon, 1 hard boiled egg and a handful of grapes. (3pts)

for dinner tonight I am having either my chicken chowmein recipe (11pts) or my meatballs and spaghetti (13pts) depending on whether I can be bothered to cook from scratch or will just use the bacth of meatballs I have already made.

On the weekends, we eat brunch rather than breakfast and lunch and will usually have Warburtons Bagel Thins with either scrambled agg and HEck chicken Italia Sausages for about 6 or 7 pts depending on how many sausages, or the bagel with Matteson's Turkey Bacon and poached eggs for 6 points total (4 rashers)

twinkledag · 14/03/2020 23:09

Hi all thank you for your replies. I started this thread then forgot about it 😳

Does anyone want to post daily menus? Here's mine:

2 x pork patties, eggs, roast tomatoes, coffee


Chicken, salad, natural yoghurt

Meatballs, cauliflower rice.

Chocolate and a bag of crisps as a snack.

OP posts:
Nojeansplease · 15/03/2020 01:27

Today I had

Slice of brown bread with peanut butter

3 x heck chicken sausages, 2 x milk roll bread, 2 x eggs

Chicken breast, basmati rice, salad

A dairy lea dunker. Some crisps and a ton of fruit

I was starving the whole day though today and I’m hungry right now.

twinkledag · 20/03/2020 12:58

Due to coronovirus this has dropped off my radar and all gone out of the window! Anyone else sticking to it? I need to pick this up again.

OP posts:
OhCantThinkOfANewName · 16/04/2020 09:24

I lost over 4 stone on ww 2 years ago, have managed to put all but the last 9lb back on. Therefore started again this week. Smile

I’m struggling with breakfast ideas, had been having porridge but think my portion was massive so need some alternatives...

I’ve done it once I can do it again Wink

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