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Weight Watchers

Is WW right for me?

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anydaywilldo · 07/09/2019 14:45

Hello! Would someone mind giving me a run down of how WW works compared to SlimmingWorld? I've done SW several times over the years, but my body seems to be changing and I don't think all the fruit and carbs are going my blood sugars any favours. From what I've read, i think you need to control your portion sizes a bit more on WW which I think would be good for me. I'd also like to build in a small amount of healthy fats like 1/2 and avocado or chia/flax seeds - do these types of things have very high points values?

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NoonieBeck · 09/09/2019 17:49

Heya, anydaywilldo I've done Slimming World a couple of times and now giving WW a crack. The five main differences seem to be (drumroll please) :

  1. You have to point (therefore measure) more foods on WW. So potatoes, pasta and rice are no longer free. You do still get most fruit and veg and fish free though. You're looking at 5 points for an avocado, 15g chia seeds is 2pt. For context, I get about 25 points a day.

  1. Not as much focus on a detailed breakdown exactly what you're eating (e.g. No third of a plate of speed/ healthy extras).

  1. Less temptation to 'tweak' (SW cardinal sin), for example by turning chickpeas into roast peanut substitutes etc. I feel more like I'm eating in a more long term way with WW, rather than eating strange combos to keep the syn count down.

  1. Ability to use weekly points on WW is great for days or nights out. As is the ability to use points you earn through activities and exercise for a treat.

  1. Far superior app and online experience - love the barcode scanner, point/ meal recording ability. I'm in love with the fact I can hook my Fitbit up to my WW account and it automatically updated my activity points after I've run or jogged.

Hope this helps and good luck!
anydaywilldo · 10/09/2019 18:10

Thank you for replying Smile

I really like the idea of less structure, in the sense that I don't like 'synning' healthy and nutritious food. I end up feeling bad having an avocado, but really I just need to balance it with other food items to stay within my points allowance.

Feeling motivated so off to join up now!

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Campervan69 · 10/09/2019 18:12

I have just restarted after a break and I am finding the plan really easy to stick to. I did Slimming World and overate massively all the free foods and didn't lose any weight really at all.

Find the app is really good and I'm logging everything and sticking to the plan. There are plenty of free foods that you can fill up on and then you can use your points for little treats here and there

Campervan69 · 10/09/2019 18:16

So for example I've had porridge and fruit for breakfast which was 5 points and then I have had an apple and an orange for snacks which were free. For lunch I had homemade lentil and carrot soup which I point at two points. A punnet of cherry tomatoes (free) and and a cup of tea. That leaves me loads of point for my tea however I've had fish which was free and a lentil and bean curry which was 2 points. I'm going to body balance class and I'll gain 6 points for doing that later. I plan on having a bedtime snack of a banana with two eggs fried up with a bit of jam on it and I point that three points just for the Jam.

So I feel like I've eaten loads but I am massively under my points for the day. I'm saving them all up to that I can go for a night out with the girls at the weekend

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