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Weight Watchers

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cigarettesandcoffee · 10/01/2019 17:38

Hi, I just got back on ww after a long time off, I successfully lost 4 stone years ago filling it and need to do the same plus some again

I'm a bit worried though as when I was on it last things like eggs and chicken was pointed, these are now free which is great but I'm scared I'll over eat, today for example I had chicken for dinner and tea and 2 eggs as a snack along with other things, this keeps me comfortably within my points but on the old system I would probably have been over if that makes sense?

Has any one done the old and the new and still loses weight etc?


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Helsvamp · 17/01/2019 15:50

I miss pp points and got to goal after first baby and lost 8 stone not keen on new system I struggled with in pass 23 points for everyone so lost 7 points a day and everyone use to get 49 weekly and everything nearly has doubled in points in food that was low pps

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