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Confused by payment options - can anyone help please?!

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Gemi33 · 04/08/2017 06:41

Hi everyone,

So I think I have decided to try and get past my nerves and join a meeting tomorrow but from looking at the website I'm confused about the payment options. Is it better to just turn up tomorrow or pay online first? If I pay online do I get something to print out and take along and if I do that today does that mean that the pass would start today when I'm actually joining tomorrow? Also on the website it says that you can pay for meetings or meetings and online - what do most people do?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm confused by the website and I don't have lots of money so not sure what's best - would appreciate any advice!


OP posts:
sez49 · 04/08/2017 09:28

Meetings and online. - the app is invaluable! If you do meetings only, I think you pay each week and you don't get the app. not sure about if you sign up tomorrow when you turn up. I thnk you can still sign up for meetings and online, and just pay monthly. You should then get an activation code to be able to get the online side of things up and running. Your coach (as they are called now) should be able to help and advise. If you signed up today, I am sure you would have something you can print out to take with you. It is also possible, via the website, to go into the settings and to see a copy of your monthly pass. I don't know if there are any deals by signing up online today? Today might give you the benefit of trying to play around with the app a bit before you go to the meeting. The coach should ask you to stay behind for a few mins extra at the end of the meeting to give you a quick run through of the plan and for you to ask any questions.

Gemi33 · 04/08/2017 13:25

Thank you for taking the time to reply! Sounds like the monthly meetings and online would be best - I don't have much money at the moment so I suppose I'm worried it will be a waste if I fail but trying to diet on my own isn't working!


OP posts:
sez49 · 04/08/2017 18:09

I see there is an offer for the 3 month plan at the moment. It is quite a lot to pay out in one go, but maybe worth trying it for 3 months to see how you get on and maybe it will motivate you to keep going to get your money's worth! At least after a couple of months you may have an idea if it is the plan for you and can cancel before monthly payments start being deducted around the end of the third month.

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