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Simple WW veggie meals and packed lunches

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itsbetterthanabox · 02/02/2017 14:29

I need low point ideas for evening meals and for packed lunches for work that are veggie?
Simple stuff that doesn't take a long time to make or make a lot of mess.
I won't make soup and take it to work I know I won't! I have to accept it.

OP posts:
namechangedtoday15 · 04/02/2017 19:37

Where do you shop? I have found at Asda giant couscous and quinoa bags - they have a bit of corn, green beans, edame beans, peppers etc in, microwavable for 4 mins. They're 7 for the whole bag, I split one between H and I for lunch (you might want a full one for your evening meal) then throw in some cooked chicken (or feta / halloumi if you're veggie), handful of spinach leaves or salad, bit of chopped chilli / spring onions if I can be bothered. do it all in 10 minutes at night and put in a tupperware to take to work the next day. Am sure the other supermarkets do similar things to bung in the microwave.

Roast veg salad? throw it in the oven, bit of salad / rice.

Pesto pasta?

There is a gorgeous recipe on bbcgoodfood for sweet potato and pineapple thai curry - if you used reduced coconut milk instead of original, that would be nice as an evening meal. There is also one for stuffed butternut squash with pine nuts and feta, that would be relatively low too. Will see if I can find the links.

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