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Weight Watchers

GP Referral to WW

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Mandy16 · 27/12/2016 09:51

Hi, I've been offered a referral for weight loss help from my GP - he's given me a choice of the Freedom Diet Coach online plan or Weight Watchers, and I'm not sure which to go for. I've heard a lot more about WW, but on the other hand the online element of the Freedom one appeals, and I'd prefer to email for support rather than actually go to weekly meetings to be honest. Need to decide by Thursday!!

I'm just considering both options at the moment - any positive stories about referrals to WW, or just general info about it? I've never been to an actual slimming club before and am a bit unsure if it's for me or not.

Thanks x

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LaGattaNera · 27/12/2016 17:46

I lost almost 3 stone with WW and have been maintaining successfully for over 5 years. For me, the meetings were a massive help and you will get online tools for tracking etc with WW - made a difference to go to a meeting and be accountable, to get support from leader and other members plus I have made lots of friends from the meetings. I think it is too easy to cheat or fall off the wagon when doing online alone at home. Being with others who understand and who are in the same boat makes a massive difference plus there is some statistic that those who attend meetings lose (I think) 50% more weight - definitely they lose more than people that do it at home.

LaGattaNera · 27/12/2016 17:48

and I should add that I still go to my weekly meeting to weigh in and stay for the talk and that has definitely helped me stay at goal - I have never been over goal and always under since I got there in 2011.

Mandy16 · 31/12/2016 12:30

Thanks for your reply.

I've looked carefully at both plans and I've actually decided that the Freedom Diet Coach programme would suit me better, but thanks for your feedback and I'm really glad WW worked well for you.

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