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No count - anyone doing it?

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Uphillanddowndale12 · 10/03/2016 19:17

Hi is anyone doing it have you got any advice or tips etc
I've done this about 10 years ago when it was filling foods or something like that and really enjoyed it and it worked for me.

I've had a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the past 9 months as my mum has been ill and in hospital and now a nursing home and I've put about 20lbs on - some people lose weight when they're stressed - me, I put it on!! So Ive decided I'd come back to ww and sort myself out and I've signed up to the online version.

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Uphillanddowndale12 · 11/03/2016 18:32


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29PaddingtonSt · 12/03/2016 04:04

Sorry to hear about your mum. No count works great for a lot of people and if you've done well in the past on similar then it should work well for you again.For me I need the discipline of points otherwise I overeat. It's not a case though that you either have to point OR do no count. You can swap approaches everyday if you want. You just need to decide whether that actual day is going to be points or no count. So you might count points on Monday, no count Tuesday and Wednesday, points on Thursday etc.

JennyPie33 · 12/03/2016 04:17

I just joined WW about 6 weeks ago. But I've not heard of 'no count' - may I ask what it is? The way they teach us at the WW meetings, we get 30 points a day and have to eat within those limits. I actually love this system because it doesn't forbid any foods, so you don't feel deprived. I was doing reasonably well on the diet even though i couldn't exercise properly because of recent surgery. but now that I'm recovered from that i have bought a fitbit that tells me how many steps I take, and I've suddenly realised how inactive my life has been up till now... yikes!

29PaddingtonSt · 12/03/2016 15:05

I love my Fitbit! It really does get you more active. Have you synced it to the WW app so that it converts your steps to FitPoints?

If you look in your Eat booklet you will find all the information about No Count. Basically you can eat the foods on the list until you feel satisfied and don't have to weigh or measure them. Anything that you eat which isn't on the list has to come out of your weekly allowance.

WhiteHairReally · 25/03/2016 23:26

Late to the party as ever.
I've done No Count or 'Filling and Healthy' as it was called until the WW re-boot in Dec/Jan.

I've lost 4 1/2 stone in 14 months. I chose the FnH/No Count way because I've done so many diets over the years and got frankly quite anal at counting and recording everything whilst I 'on a diet' and then putting all the weight back on ( and more) when I 'wasn't on a diet'.
The No Count way is a lifestyle choice.
It is easier if you don't drink alcohol. You have a weekly allowance of Smartpoints to bring some joy to your eating life. Sadly, for the sweet toothed like me, Simce the change to Smartpoints, anything with the 'poison' sugar in it has really high SP values, which makes it more difficult to have a 'little sweet something of what you fancy' to level a day of relentless healthy eating.

Fruit is your friend, although if you pack away too much your weight loss can slow ( unless you've upset your stomach! Sorry TMI!)
Wholemeal wraps, cut into 8ths, squirted with 1cal olive oil spray a shake of rock salt and baked for 4 and a bit minutes make passing Dorito substitutes.
A bag of frozen fruit sprinkled with a sachet of no sugar jelly, in a co-ordinating flavour, warmed for about 20 minutes and put in a jar to set makes passable jam or if melted again, a couli for all the 0% fat Greek yogurt you are going to consume.
The two WW Filling and Healthy and The Best of Filling and Healthy cook books are good. I haven't seen they replacement 'No Count' equivalents at my WW meeting yet though. I have a sense that the organisation is promoting the Smartpoints much more than No Count. Perhaps you could get hold of the F n H books on line?
Microwave whole grain rice takes 2 minutes rather than the eons the bagged stuff does. Supermarkets' own brand are much cheaper than fancy brands like Uncle Ben or Tilda, even on special offer.
I think I've gone on long enough. Good luck.
I've reached my target ( top healthy BMI minus 3 pounds) but I'm finding hard to summon up the motivation to get the final stone off that I'd hoped to do. 'Relaxed' No Count probably isn't the best approach. Hard core No Count would however do it, I'm certain.

Dollygirl2310 · 09/05/2016 19:19

Hi all ..I've just started ww this week & am doing sp ..wanted to try no count & swapped my choice in settings.I then began to track my food & potatoes & meat showed up as pointed! I thought these were 0 on no count? Confused ..please help!

Flowerpower41 · 31/07/2016 09:35

I am in my first week of No Count I am losing 0.4 of a pound daily according to my scales. I am finding it no problem at all and enjoying jacket potatoes in the oven and diet baked beans, cottage pie etc.

If it remains this easy I will just do at home alone and not bother with the meetings ....

Flowerpower41 · 08/08/2016 07:20

My second week is now much slower I have only lost one pound all week!

Does anybody ever read or add to this thread at all?

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