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Weight Watchers

WW nursing plan

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GinIsCalling · 31/05/2015 05:12

Anyone done the nursing plan? I've just started but 40 points a day seems rather a lot. I'm eating them happily, just wondered if I should expect to lose any weight or not?
I also wondered if to see success I should avoid eating the 49 extra weekly points? Baby is a month old but my second and I have tons of milk and breastfeeding is well established (she's jumped from 20th to 25th percentile after putting on 2lbs and growing 2 inches).

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PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom · 31/05/2015 21:27

No. I found it was too much . Sorry.

sufferkate · 02/06/2015 00:00

I'm doing this and I'm bfing my 4 month old. I use all the points available (I'm greedy Wink) and have lost 12lbs in 5 weeks.

GinIsCalling · 03/06/2015 07:18

I don't have scales so no idea of its working for me, but am eating every single point this week as a trial. I'm 25lbs over my pre baby weight so hopefully I'll still lose.

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Ragwort · 03/06/2015 07:25

Yes, it worked very well for me and I lost a lot of weight and then put it back on when I stopped sticking to the plan. Grin.

Use it to adapt your eating plans for life. Good luck.

GinIsCalling · 05/06/2015 20:55

That's enciuraging (that it worked anyway) Ragwort.
I've just been to my week one weigh in and lost 2.2lbs.
I ate all my 40 daily points, plus 48 of the 49 extra weekly points. I never felt hungry, and my milk supply was fine.
I think it's working as its encouraging me to make healthier choices, and I am Eating way more fruit and veg. Will see if the weight loss continues, but I'm happy so far.

OP posts:
GinIsCalling · 05/06/2015 20:57

Suffercate, how many points do you get? I feel like 40 a day is tons, especially with the extra weekly points.

OP posts:
Twodogsandahooch · 08/06/2015 14:34

I started WW when DD2 was about 5 months old and managed to lose 2 stone on the nursing plan. Am
Just starting again as weight crept up since returning to work - 26 points argggh.

Michelle259 · 08/06/2015 16:22

I just signed up to 3 months of WW Online. My lo is 8 months old now so is having food as well as nursing so I think I get half of the full nursing addition. I get 33 daily pro points. I'm planning on using all my points as I found from trying to diet in previous months that if I cut down too much it affects my milk supply. I'm hoping the nursing plan will work for me.

GinIsCalling · 09/06/2015 06:45

Two dog did you eat your weeklies as well as your dailies? I have been, it feels like lots of food. And what was your average loss like? I read o should only aim for about a lb a week.
Michelle that's my plan too, I have no wish to crash diet. I am going to slowly start exercising as well, as didn't at all while pregnant. I am not in a rush to lose the weight, but I do want to be back in my normal clothes by Christmas - that's more than six months away and I think it's a reasonable aim.

OP posts:
Twodogsandahooch · 09/06/2015 07:42

Not always - 40 points was enough for meals plus the obligatory maternity leave cake. I did join the gym too.

As for speed of weight loss - I think it took me around 3 - 4 months to lose 2 stone

sufferkate · 10/06/2015 09:16

GinIsCalling I get the 40 points plus 49 weeklies, it's a lot of food but I'm gluten free too and a lot of the replacements I have are a lot higher in points

ppandj · 10/06/2015 17:09

Watching this with interest as I need motivation to stick to the plan! Good luck everybody xx

GinIsCalling · 12/06/2015 21:57

Weighed in today and lost just under 2lbs, so 4lbs total so far. Very pleased! I ate all my dailies and my 49 weeklies, plus five of the 15 exercise points I gained. Going to try and only eat half my weeklies this week. The nursing plan is meant to just be 1lb of a week so I'm happy so far, sure it will slow down soon though.

OP posts:
BarbieBrightSide · 12/06/2015 22:06

I got double nursing points when I was feeding twins, which gave me a daily allowance of 57 points! (When the plan changed to pro points, the daily allowance used to be 29 plus I got an extra 14 for each baby). And I still got the 49 weekly points on top of that.

I lost loads of weight but ate really badly - plenty of chocolate - so it was really difficult to adjust to the lower points when I was no longer ebf.

I put all the weight back on over time, but restarted WW online at the beginning of the year and it's coming off slowly this time.

Katsand · 30/06/2015 06:12

I am breast feeding and am currently on 48pp. I eat all me dailies but usually don't touch my weeklies lost 24.5 lb in 11 weeks. Loving the plan

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