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Weight Watchers

Care to share your daily/weekly pro points menu with me?

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Howaboutthisone · 28/07/2014 22:40

Hi! I've ordered the shop and eat our books and am looking forward to signing up online when I get paid!
I did this a little while ago and am now stuck in a rut with my cooking too. So I thought I'd take joining as a push to shake this up a bit too!
What does your day's/week's eating look like when you're on pro points?

OP posts:
WTAF · 22/08/2014 10:17

I like to have fruit for breakfast, as it's zero points and leaves you more for later, plus I'm not that hungry in the mornings anyway. So my usual day is:

2x bananas - 0 points
Apple or raspberries - 0 points


1 pack (6) Melba toasts - 2 points
3x laughing cow blue cheese triangles - 2 points
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce - 1 point
1 pot of sugar free jelly - 0 points

Some form of low-cal ready meal (it's just me and DS at home and costs me less to buy these than the ingredients, plus I'm lazy!) - between 8 and 12 points.

So that takes me up to around 17 for the day. If I'm really hungry I have a snack, usually:

3x weight watchers granary Danish bread - 4 points
1 pack of smoked salmon trimmings - 4 points
2 tablespoons of 75% less fat soft cheese - 2 points

I never really use the weekly 49 points, unless I go out.

HTH a bit, and you're getting on well with it. This board seems a bit quiet!

runoutofideasagain · 11/09/2014 18:57

I've just started this week and so far it is going ok. I seem to have loads of points available to me, but I'm sure that's because I am soooo big to start off with!

My meal just now was a chicken breast stir fried with tons of veg, packet of garlic and hoisin sauce and a pitta bread. It worked out as 9 points.

Lunch was 2 ryvita with cottage cheese and beetroot, loads of fruit. 4 points

Breakfast crumpets with marmite (twice as had breakfast at 7 and was starving by 10am) - 5points x 2

STIDW · 15/09/2014 12:46

I always use all my daily allowance + a couple of extra activity points. Any less than this and I find weight loss unsustainable. Also it's unhealthy to eat too few calories. In the past people were often encouraged to stick to low calorie diets which lead to a whole range problems such as gallstones.

Breakfast- orange and porridge 5pp or Weetabix 4pp

Lunch - 0pp soup such roasted red pepper and basil, BNS and sage soup with parmesan or cauliflower with stilton 1pp, turkey, brie and cranberry sauce open sandwich with salad 5pt; rasher bacon, 2 eggs, tomato, mushrooms, 1/2 English muffin with scraping of half fat butter 7pp; pancake filled with wilted spinach and low fat feta 5pt; mackerel pate on rye bread, salad 6pp, smacked salmon and low fat cream cheese bagel with salad 7pp; ham and half fat cheese open sandwich with salad 4pp; yoghurt with fruit, roasted oats nuts, seeds

Dinner - homemade burger, potato wedges, rocket with beetroot and low fat feta 8pp; baked cod with tomato, parmesan and parsley crust 8 pp; chicken piri piri, rice and salad 8pp; lamb with veggie and lentil casserole, beef Bolognese with parmesan, pasta and salad 8pp ; smoked haddock with lemon and leek risotto 7pp; chicken fajita wrap, half fat cheddar and salad 8pp.

Snacks - 2 Amaretti biscuits 0pp 0r 1pp for 6; Options Belgian Hot chocolate drink 1pp; pancake with fruit compote or 1/2tsp maple syrup 4pp; homemade scones, muffins or carrot cake 5pp; breakfast bar 4pp; banana loaf 3pp.

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