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Weight Watchers

2013 Weight Watchers Thread #3

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jazzcat28 · 03/04/2013 10:53

Right thought I should put up a new thread as we were getting close to filling up the old one!

Useful Notes and Links:

HD = Hairy Dieter's Recipe Book. Circa £7.00 on Amazon and full of yummy low WW point recipes

We share our yummy low point recipes on this thread

We track our losses weekly on this online spread sheet

The spread sheet also has a tab containing all the WW points for every single recipe in the HD book, courtesy of the lovely OhTheConfusion (for working them out) and AddictedtoCrunchies (for having the foresight to paste them in the spread sheet)

Here's to another thread of amazing losses ladies!!

OP posts:
rightsaidthread · 03/04/2013 11:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AddictedtoCrunchies · 03/04/2013 12:39

OOOhhhh this thread seems to be a dress size smaller than the last one

Welcome rightsaidthread. think about half a pound as a packet of Anchor butter. Off of your hips/bum/bingowings*delete as applicable. 18lbs is an AMAZING loss and you need to think abut what you have done, keep pointing and you'll get to where you want to be. The only person you're up against is yourself.

Fled here's your line and a size 9 up the arse. You know what you need to do, now just do it (Can you tell I've got my mojo back everyone?!)


The sun is shining and I WILL be slim by summer Smile

rightsaidthread · 03/04/2013 13:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flatmouse · 03/04/2013 13:30

Hello again all, have just had quick scan through end of last thread - not been on for a couple of weeks as all v busy. Still tracking, only lost 2 oz last week, but managed 2lb this week, so overall happy! 6oz off my 10% (and current goal, which will be reset to 15% once i get to 10%).

Sorry to hear you didn't like the HD meatballs Jazzcat - i plan to try those tonight, and generally follow recipe first time through - any suggestions? I will be using beef mince as DH is "particular" - and I'm splitting it between 5 of us. so only 5 pp each.

Had a McD's on Friday! Big Mac and Large fries :) 26pp - all within daily/weeklies though so survived.

Hope you all had a good Easter - off on a long weekend of much drinking and bad eating - am going to do my best to keep points down but not expecting a loss on Monday (in fact, am not taking scales so will just not weigh next week as I'm a firm believer in same time each week, and will weigh the week after).

backinaminute · 03/04/2013 14:20

Marking my place.

I don't know what's wrong with me today. For the first time since I started I just want to eat crap for absolutely no reason. I think I'm at a danger point as quite happy with the way I look and getting a bit fed up with the slog of it. Stupid though as I've had a really stressful weekend but negotiated it well and now here I am eyeing up Easter eggs and crisps!

It works though, I've lost 2 stone and I need to keep thinking of the end goal. Another 2 stone would put me into a healthy weight bracket but another stone and I will be slimmest I have ever been in my adult life (even pre DC).

Feeling a bit ill, both babies have ear/ chest infections and I just can't be arsed which is no good for anyone.

I've got 8 dailies left for today and 25(ish) weeklies with weigh in tomorrow. Just want to get through today and start again tomorrow.

Welcome new people and thank you Jazzcat for starting the new thread. I promise not to be so defeatist after this post. I am just being a bit self indulgent. Grin

fledtoscotland · 03/04/2013 16:16

I'm here complete with Crunchie's size 9 up my arse

Went swimming with DC after weigh in and then onto McDonald's where a quarter pounder & cheese and regular fries has set me back 26pts :(

Had a lovely chat with my leader and am going to draw a big liner under this past week and start again minus the snacking
onthemetro · 03/04/2013 17:06

Hellooo shiny new thread Smile marking my place, will be back laters after my second c25k walk and very slow jog run.

Livinginorganisedchaos · 03/04/2013 18:03

Hello everyone! Gosh, just back from holiday and there is a brand new thread. I am just checking in today to say I am still around but I am off again tomorrow for the second part of my holiday.

In the end I didn't track or even try to work out points in Ireland. TBH I was just too busy and I quickly realised it wasn't going to be practical. So, I decided to eat mindfully, choose healthy options when I could and just enjoy myself. Ultimately that is the way I want to eat when I get to goal so I thought I would get some practice in. Have not been near a set of scales so no idea how I am doing but at least my clothes are all still fitting.

Had fun back in Ireland catching up with my family. Tomorrow I am taking DD with me to visit an old Uni friend and her daughter for a long weekend. Suspect it will mean lots of lunches out and then evenings in catching up over a few glasses of wine.

I have pledged to get back to pointing everything from next Monday and hope when I weigh in next Friday the results are not scary. Still, I am still feeling motivated to get back to it and shift some more weight. I have summer clothes in my sights now.

SallyBear · 03/04/2013 20:28

Marking my place. Lovely links jazzcat!

OhTheConfusion · 03/04/2013 21:12

Holy heck... we must do some amount of blethering... thread number three!!! Grin.

Fab links Jazz, and thanks for all the good wishes... I am so pleased to see a 13 on the scales. I honestly could never have got this far without you guys!

Crunchie you sound on it today... I think it is the spring sunshine!

Fled, get your backside in gear... you are only a 30min drive from me and my size six's have a good swing Wink.

Welcome to all the newbies too.

I am finding this week a bit harder as DH is off so we are in holiday mode even though we are home (move house in 6 weeks so saving pennies!). We went around a few museums today and lots of walking. I was all organised and took a high protein packed lunch, had a small slice of fruit loaf in the coffee shop (instead of the lovely cranberry and orange cake topped with crushed orange soaked sugar Sad)... but then arrived home from Glasgow late and had a lloyd grossman thai curry and nan bread (14pp!!!!) for dinner... it wasn't even that nice.

fledtoscotland · 03/04/2013 22:35

OTC - we must do a low point lunch then as you are so close so you can boot me in person!

AddictedtoCrunchies · 03/04/2013 22:40

Ooh where are you? Can I come? Grin

poorpaws · 03/04/2013 22:41

Well there you all are. I bet you thought you were going to get rid of me but nnooooo I'm sticking around.

Rightsaidthread, I started WW with a friend who did so much better than me so I feel your pain. She cheated and I stuck to the plan rigidly, she never exercised and I increased my walking as much as I could. She ate absolute crap and I lived on salads, fruit, veg etc. She dropped an absolute ton of weight and my loss was minimal. 12 months on and I'm at goal (though trying to lose more), she has given up and gained all the weight back (and more). Tortoise wins the race, hang on in there.

poorpaws · 03/04/2013 22:48

I met a friend for lunch today and had very few weekly ppts left. We found a new cafe/tea shop and both decided chicken salad would be the best option.

When the salad came it was a chicken breast (fair enough), a tiny amount of salad leaves mixed in with a lot of colesaw, a hard boiled egg and then 2 huge thick chunks of bread which took up more than half the plate. So I went over my weeklies and left one doorstep of bread and tonight I'm starving.

Has anyone else ordered something which sounds so innocent and yet really isn't? What would you have done?

fledtoscotland · 04/04/2013 07:26

Crunchies - I'm just outside Glasgow - where are you?

AddictedtoCrunchies · 04/04/2013 08:56

I'm in Wiltshire so miles away. Sad However, I come to Scotland for my holidays in August so perhaps we could arrange to meet up for a nice lunch as we go past Glasgow...?

We drive up the M9 (?) then turn off at Stirling heading for the Highlands via Callendar, Tyndrum..

Worth thinking about Smile

fledtoscotland · 04/04/2013 09:03

Crunchies - it's a date Grin

AddictedtoCrunchies · 04/04/2013 10:07
backinaminute · 04/04/2013 19:23

Well by some bloody miracle I have lost 3.5lbs at WI tonight. I will update the spreadsheet. I'm going to have to be good this week otherwise I think I might pay at the scales next week.

I'm going to sit down and plan my meals for the week but I'm seriously lacking in inspiration of what to cook. I've got to get it done so I can do an online shop as the cupboards are bare!

I've got MIL and SIL coming on Sunday for tea (5pm) and can't think what to cook. I'm loathed to do a full roast dinner but might do something like a big stew. I like to be able to get it done and cooking so no one can stand over me judging Grin.

Just 6 other meals to think of now too.

OhTheConfusion · 04/04/2013 19:23

Im in too... I am on the west coast in Ayrshire but I can happily meet up in Glasgow!

I have just made the blueberry and muesli muffins in this months WW mag... seriously good even if all my blueberries did sink to the bottom and made 'jam'.

OhTheConfusion · 04/04/2013 19:25

Backinamin, do you have the HD cookbook? DH made us the lean lamb hotpot and served it with green beans the other week... it was lovely!

fledtoscotland · 04/04/2013 19:44

Well done backinaminuteThanks

OTC - would be good to meet up and compare flab weigh loss Wine


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backinaminute · 04/04/2013 20:18

Thank you Grin

I have got the HD book and so might give the hotpot a go - thank you. I haven't tried that one yet.

I live so far away from everyone! Would have loved to join you all.

OhTheConfusion · 04/04/2013 20:50

Sounds good Fledto, I will need to save up my weeklies and we can have wine! Grin.

chillyigloo · 04/04/2013 21:39

Please does anyone have any weeklies I could borrow for the weekend?! Heading to the seaside (brrrr!) which will likely end with an obligatory fish and chip supper sat on the front. I really don't want to be the sad weight watcher watching everyone else eat yummy fish and chips while I eat an apple!


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