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Is coconut fattening?

2 replies

ohnelly · 01/07/2010 18:17

Hi I have finally got myself motivated to start my diet and have just had my asda delivery of lots of fresh fruit & veg. Im going to make homemade soups & smoothies. I bought a coconut but then wondered if that was such a good idea? are they high in calories does anyone know?

OP posts:
minipie · 01/07/2010 18:21

Coconut is quite high in fat (coconut oil) and therefore calories.

BUT it is good fat. It is really good for you and your body needs it for all sorts of things.

Eat and enjoy!

luciemule · 01/07/2010 18:22

Yes ,they are high in fat but it's good fat.

For curries etc, you can now buy coconut kernel and water coconut milk liquid (or something to that effect). It is thinner than normal cn milk but just as yummy.

If though, you were on a desert island, then I'm sure it wouldn't matter!

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