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18again · 30/06/2010 16:48

I was interested to see that you couldn't lose weight and then found out you had a wheat allergy.

I just cannot lose weight, it drives me nuts and I don't think i'm kidding myself, my husband says he can't believe i can eat so little and so healthily, do some much exercise and still be so overweight.

However, I am aware that I eat a lot of bread!

How did you find out you were allergic to wheat? I don't feel ill or anything but do feel tired a lot and also have IBS (but had that years so not really connected it with a diet).

I'm just wondering if maybe I have some kind of intolerance??

OP posts:
TheChicOfIt · 30/06/2010 17:58

I'm marking my place here as I have suspected this but as I love most wheat products I find it hard to give them up.

One of my friends lost a stone just by cutting out bread from her diet.

18again · 30/06/2010 21:04

really? i'm thinking the same thing...but don't want to cut them out if i don't have to...i love my bready/wheat products...

OP posts:
insertexpletive · 01/07/2010 11:54

Bread is generally not good for weight loss, whichever diet you are trying.

Allergy or not, would it be a good idea to try and cut out bread for a week and see how you go? I understand that it is hard, but a week would give you a pretty swift answer to if it would work for you...

TheChicOfIt · 01/07/2010 12:12

Must give it a try (she says with a mouthful of a tuna sandwich ).....

morethanyoubargainfor · 01/07/2010 12:31


I was first told 8 years ago after allergy test's found i was intolerant to wheat. Then i found out i was expecting so ate a 'normal' diet including wheat, during that pregnancy i put on 6 stone . I was determined that i ws going to expose my baby to everything.

post birth i couldn't shift the weight, no matter what i tried. I constantly had no energy and was very lathergic all the time.

I also have gynae problems and have done for years.

fast foward to last october i was referred to another gynae who confirmed all the conditions then told me she wouldn't be treating me due to being overweight. She told me i would never loose weight only put it on! At that point my exercise routine was

4x 5KM runs
4-5 hours of walking everyday
1 hour of cycling
swimming twice weekly
once a week aerobic class.

On the back of that appt i was referred on and that consultant said she had read about my previous wheat allergy and told me to stop eating wheat. So i did and i have since lost 3 stone and once again feel alive! I have energy and my general outlook on life is much more positive. Also all of my symptons of my condition have nearly vanished, i occassionally fall of the wheat wagon and all my old symptons re appear, they are

lack of energy
painful joints
lack of concetration
recurretn abbcesses and boils(but that is just the condition i have)
constipaton ( ialso have IBS and that is so much better now).

I would advise giving up wheat for a month and see if that makes any difference to you.

Sorry about my long winded reply, any other questins please just ask.

18again · 01/07/2010 17:43

wow, morethanyoubargainfor that is so interesting and your exercise programme sounds like mine at the moment! Am flogging myself to death and getting sick of people thinking that i must just eat pies all the time! (i eat bread all the time instead!)

I know I'll have to do a bit of research but can you give me a rough idea of the foods you gave up and what you ate instead.

My problem is that when I'm starving, after a run or after school run the only thing I can think of that will satisfy me but not ruin my evening meal is a piece of toast!

When you stopped eating wheat, were you doing a particular diet or just trying to be sensible?

You have inspired me with this story!

OP posts:
morethanyoubargainfor · 01/07/2010 17:55

I have given up alot of my diet!

I eat vegetable or spelt pasta (which is yummy!)

I also eat Genius bread, also very yummy and you can still have toast but it is around £270 for a small loaf

i buy biscuts etc from the supermarkets 'free from range'

I use seeds of change pasta sauces

cereal is 'doves farm' or 'whole earth' the maple syrup cornflajes are delicious but again £2.50 per box.

The food is out there but you have to find it, i find the best supermarkets are morrisons and some Tesco. I use alot of 'health food shops' Not holland and barret but little independent ones that are ususally tucked away down the back streets .

I also eat alot of rice cakes and corn thins.

When i first gave up wheat i followed this and it was fab!

I just changed some of the foods like the pasta for wheat free pasta and got on really well. What is nice about that book it tells you what to eat and when to eat it so you dont feel hungry. I am also vegetarian.

Good luck I am always here if you need to ask anything else.

It basically is just eatng 'raw' food IYKWIM. Nothing pre prepared or packets.

morethanyoubargainfor · 01/07/2010 17:56

£2.70 not £270 for a loaf!

morethanyoubargainfor · 01/07/2010 17:57

My main staple now is cheese! I can't get enough of the stuff .

18again · 01/07/2010 18:36

brilliant thanks, i really think i'm going to give this a go!

OP posts:
TheChicOfIt · 01/07/2010 20:00

morethanyoubargainfor - would you mind if I asked what your gynae problems were? I suffer myself with a few things - mainly irregular periods and I wonder if it may be connected.

If you don't want to answer then I completely understand.



morethanyoubargainfor · 01/07/2010 21:02

oh i dont mind chic,

I suffer with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometrosis and Hidradenitis suppurativa.

think that is it.

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