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I need an emergency low carb diet

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TheRealPerson · 28/06/2010 11:36

I've put on a stone in one month thanks to the stupid bloody pill.

I NEED to shift it. (And have come off the pill so no excuse) Only diet that will do it quickly is the low carb variety. I find it soooo boring though!

Anyone have any meal/menu/recipe ideas for me to try? I'm on 20g carbs for 2 weeks so I'm heavily restricted.

OP posts:
aspoonfulofsugar · 28/06/2010 16:05

I'm on the vegetarian atkins (Rose Elliot's books) which is also 20g. I'm eating lots of omelettes with low-carb veg - onion, mushroom, bell peppers - and cheese. You can make goodish salads with say lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, blue cheese and soft goats cheese, with a bit of balsamic or sour cream dip. Or smoothies with peanut butter and soya milk and cocoa powder which aren't as grim as they sound. "Brinner" - breakfast for dinner - mushrooms, scrambled eggs, quorn sausages and quorn bacon, some grilled tomatoes. Soups without potatoes. Quorn stew - quorn pieces, tomatoes, tomato puree, onions and other bits of veg, all stewed together and then break a couple of eggs into the top and let them 'bake' - they taste like they're fried. Sausage casserole without the potatoes - sausages, onions, veggie stock cube and let it all thicken up with the tiniest bit of corn starch depending on how strict you're being! Enjoy

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