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ok i have joined tesco diet club

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hotbot · 26/06/2010 20:55

please tell me i will be slim and lovely in 12 mths time.....
have 3 stone to lose
was thinking of namechanging to bigbot, i also fibbed to join as i am still bfing 5mth old, but just so sick of lookng like this and have read plenty of threads that say you can diet and bf as long as you are sensible

OP posts:
BelleDameSansMerci · 26/06/2010 21:36

Nah, you'll be slim and lovely in 10 mths time...

Good luck!

hotbot · 26/06/2010 21:44

ah belle thanks so much, tryig to be determined as wil be 40 in jan gulp

OP posts:
BelleDameSansMerci · 27/06/2010 07:28

Yep... 40s a toughy, in my opinion. I was horrified at the thought I would be 40. Once you do actually hit it, though, it passes and you wonder why you were so concerned! Having said that, I'll be 45 in September and am not happy about it.

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