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Come talk to me about Slimfast

6 replies

theladylovescupcakes · 28/05/2010 08:14

Anyone doing this? What are you eating? How much have you lost? Any side effects?


OP posts:
M32song · 28/05/2010 11:26

I've done recently. Only for a couple of weeks to kick-start the notion of consuming less 'bulk' and also not having to think about calorie / fat counting for breakfast and lunch.

I did the 'shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and a healthy dinner' thing, with snacks of fruit and the like. Didn't feel too hungry but it was boring. Lost about six pounds, then went onto a regular low fat diet for a month and all in all I've lost a stone.

Disenchanted3 · 28/05/2010 11:58

I'm about to do it,

although I'm doing slim fast for breakie then a 'slim a soup' for lunch, with a healthy dinner (veg and fis/chicken)

I also have low fat yoghurts for when i feel peckish.

bacon · 28/05/2010 15:51

Has anyone known anyone who has lost weight and kept it off with Slimfast cos I have never.

Isnt it like starving your body which leads to putting more weight on later?

I've never heard a positive word from a professional on this.

Gracie123 · 28/05/2010 15:56

I lost loads on SlimFast - went from a size 12/14 to an 8 in a month. I felt great, had loads of energy, and best of all it was easy. I couldn't eat the shakes (taste foul!) but the smoothies and bars are great, and quick to grab on your way to work.

After a month I suddenly got very sick and a blood test revealed I was pregnant

If you do this, make sure you use contraception!!

cyb · 28/05/2010 16:05


Gracie123 · 28/05/2010 16:20

Disenchanted just wanted to point out - by slim-a-soup do you mean those 10 calorie, add boiling water things?

I have had this argument with my mum loads because she does the same thing (reckons because slim-a-soup is only 10 calories and slimfast is circa 200 it'll be better).

I have two concerns:

i) slimfast is set at 200 calories per meal and encouraging of snacks because it keeps your metabolism going throughout the day, so that your body isn't 'shocked' by a 600 cal meal in the evening after slowing down throughout the day.

ii) slimfast has to be made with milk - not water, because without it, it's not a nutritionally complete meal. TBH - ask any nutritionist, and milk is referred to as 'a meal in a glass' because it contains virtually everything your body needs (and doesn't lose anything by being skimmed either ) My aunt used to make slimfast up with water instead, and she became incredibly ill and all her hair fell out/nails broke/skin horrible etc...

It is really important with things like slimfast/lighterlife etc... that you stick to the plan. It's the only way to keep your body steadily in ketosis with no ill effects.

Cheating may help you lose weight faster initially, but it won't be sustainable and your body will suffer...

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