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Has anyone tried Cho Yung Tea /Procleanse Gold?

3 replies

wineismysaviour · 13/05/2010 16:35

Seen something on the internet today about this new amazing weight loss tea and colon cleanse (yuk), anyone used it??

OP posts:
smallishsheep · 13/05/2010 16:36

COmplete bollocks, save your money and put down the cakes. SImple

notasize10yetbutoneday · 13/05/2010 16:49

I have to agree- if it was at simple as drinking some tea to lose the pounds, we would all be doing it. if its talking about a colon cleanse all it will do will be to give you the squits so you will be lighter for a few days without losing any actual weight I would imagine.

applemint · 14/05/2010 01:13

Sorry wineismysaviour but the Cho Yung tea thing is a scam, see here for details:

The only pounds you will lose are the ones in your bank account!!

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