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Mrs Boogie & Other Low-Carbers who gave me advice....

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notasize10yetbutoneday · 10/05/2010 13:09


Since the bridesmaid dress fitting last wednesday, I have been cutting out carbs and oh my goodness I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. In just 4 days it is incredible.

  1. I am now wearing a fitted pencil skirt and blouse, both of which did not fit me 2 weeks ago (when i last tried the skirt on)
  2. I have so much more energy and am waking up earlier and easier
  3. I feel sated after meals but not bloated anymore- I hadn't realised just how bloated I was.
  4. I don't have ANY food cravings at all- i walked through M&S Food just now when I would be sure normally to pick up something to snack on, but the thought of my quiche (pastryless) and salad waiting for me meant I wasn't even tempted.

After years of WW, slimfast, cutting down on calories/fat, etc...I am stunned at the difference. I would never, ever have believed that simply cutting out rice, pasta potatoes and bread could have such a profound effect in such a short space of time.

I'm still getting to grips with a few things, ie which are low-carbs and what are not, which I'll post on another thread, if anyone is able to help?

Thank you again for all your advice which has genuinely changed the way I look an feel about food!
OP posts:
msboogie · 10/05/2010 14:46

wow that's great to hear notasize10yetbutoneday!!

I am so pleased for you.

I was just thinking today that Atkins has taught me how to eat without putting on weight.

I ate some chocolates at the weekend and found them to be repulsively sweet and icky - not eating sugar and rubbish has made me lose my sweet tooth!

it definitely helps with willpower and cravings too

you will look fab at the wedding!!

simmo39 · 10/05/2010 22:32

notasize10 - that is fantastic well done. I am on a LC diet too and feel great and have losts over 45 lb in 15 weeks!

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