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pls come and check out my weight loss plan and give your opinion

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Feelingsensitive · 26/04/2010 17:49

I need to lose 2 stone and am sick of fannying about so have come up with this:

  1. No junk food
  2. 3 meals a day no snacks except fruit when hungry
  3. Low carb evening meal (no idea why that works but i have found it does)
  4. cook all food from scratch
  5. excercise for 30 minutres a day - dvd/wii fit/cycling
  6. reduce portions

Anyone done similar?

Please tell me it will work because I am getting desperate. I don't want to count points, calories, grams, seperate food types and so on. I just want to eat less and move more but need a bit of structure.

Kids fighting - must dash ....
OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 26/04/2010 17:57

drink lots of water too!!

sounds good

LostGirl · 26/04/2010 18:00

I do something similar except I eat roughly every three hours which equates to 3 meals and 2 snacks. Can I suggest that when you have a piece of fruit for a snack, eat some protein at the same time as it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. And remember, if you feel hungry then you need to eat something, just make good choices.

Feelingsensitive · 26/04/2010 18:33

Thank you so much. I really am feeling a bit lost about all this right now. Very useful tip about protein Lost girl. I am so sick of this spare tyre.

OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 26/04/2010 18:36

me too....its the spare tyre which is getting to me the most....not my thighs or hips for once!!

after 5 dc and no stretch marks i want my tummy flat again,did it after i had dc 4,just since no 5 its hung around..

morethanyoubargainfor · 26/04/2010 18:42

i was going tosay the same as lostgirl, eat 5 times a day so have two pieces of fruit or one rice cake with some low fat cream cheese. good luck and stick with it.

YarninMonkey · 28/04/2010 17:01

I also have two stone to lose and am embarking on similar plan. Can't be having points or gimmicks either. I lost weight this way years ago and kept it off until i became pg with DD.

Good luck, keep us updated on progress and i will do the same

Off to finish off biscuits and get them out of the house....

chopstheduck · 28/04/2010 17:14

i found cutting out bread for lunch also helped me kick start mine. I made a lot of soups, or bean salads, that sort of thing.

I'd aim for a bit more exercise than that too, especially if you don't really want to cut back on what you are eating too much.

I don't calorie count, but I go to the gym three times a week and do a good two two hour workout at least. I've recently started cycling there and back too which is 7miles round trip. On the days I don't go gym I might cycle to the supermarket, or go on long walks, take the kids swimming, do heavy housework or gardening.

I also allow myself one day a week 'off' which has been my way of making sure I can stick to it. I cut out alcohol too, but I have a glass or three on my day off!

I've lost 2st3lbs so far, dropped from an 18 dress size to a 12-14.

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