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Help me not eat the entire contents of the bread bin pleeeeease!!!!!

10 replies

HeadFairy · 25/03/2010 10:08

I'm doing low carb and breakfast this morning was yoghurt with nuts, seeds and blueberries (at 8am) and I'm still hungry

There's very little food in the house as I'm waiting for the Sainsbo's delivery, there's just bread... calling me... telling me toast and butter would fill that yawning hole in my stomach!!!

OP posts:
BariatricObama · 25/03/2010 10:12

drink lost of water

dinkystinky · 25/03/2010 10:13

Drink water/herbal tea, do something to distract yourself or if all else fails, get out of the house away from that bread tin...

BariatricObama · 25/03/2010 10:14

look at us dinky - all experts now!

HeadFairy · 25/03/2010 10:15

I'm dead sleepy, been up since 5 with dd, I was supposed to do a 10 mile walk with my mum today but she's had to take my grandmother to hospital so all I want to do today is sleep and eat

OP posts:
ConnieComplaint · 25/03/2010 10:22

Water, perhaps a little sugar free dilute juice to taste it...

Don't eat bread, you'd feel shit. It tastes shit too... Go and clean your windows, they're boggin, look!!

ConnieComplaint · 25/03/2010 10:23

Do the sleep bit then! Yesterday I got up, sent the kids to school, then lay down again! I slept til lunch time (I wasn't eating whilst I was sleeping, ooohhh no!)

But that's rare, I'm usually working but have a couple of days holiday!

HeadFairy · 25/03/2010 10:24

Connie, do you live across the road from me? They are indeed horrible and I keep telling myself I need to do them.

Mind you, mnetting is taking my mind off things. I've had a small cube of cheese, I remembered that line from The Devil Wears Prada "just before I faint I have a small cube of cheese, I'm just one stomach flu away from my perfect weight"

OP posts:
ConnieComplaint · 25/03/2010 10:29

No, if I lived across the road from you, your windows would be gleaming, just so you could see me sashay about in my see through negligee...... eating fat free yoghurt & sipping water from a Carlsberg glass....

Actually I'm just back from a run & am wearing mucky joggers & a wet hoody... must shower!

HeadFairy · 25/03/2010 10:45

I thought there was a pong around here

OP posts:
dinkystinky · 25/03/2010 13:39

Tis the SuSylvester fear that's getting us up the curve BO!

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