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it's the bread that I can't live without...

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missdduke · 22/01/2010 16:14

am trying to just diet myself, have done a million diets and I KNOW what to eat.

However, cutting out bread is proving to be impossible. I always have toast and a coffee for breakfast (i love breakfast, can't function without it) and cereal and coffee just doesn't work for me!

Then when I come in from being out and about all day with kids I'm just starving so what can I have...piece of toast!

I've tried to stop with the bread but just end up having bagels or WW pitta breads.

Is one bagel a day really bad? If all the rest of my food is low fat/protein.

Have decided life's not worth living if there's no bread based products in it!

Anyone else out there a bread addict?

OP posts:
ppeatfruit · 22/01/2010 17:01

Try a non wheat bread it's miles easier to loose weight on. if you've got the inclination it's quite simple to make your own using kamut flour. or buy the black rye 'pumpernickel' it's an acquired taste but it really does help the diet! The low fat diet is not healthy unless you include olive oil instead of marg. all that palm oil is toxic!
Find out your blood type (if you're an O type you need high protein)Once you know you can stick to a really healthy diet loose weight and look beautiful!!good luck !

ppeatfruit · 23/01/2010 10:19

Another thought, when i cut coffee the weight just dropped off me!!
you can have the odd one (pref. decaff apparently the caffiene is what stops the weight loss) when you're down to the size you're happiest with. Also you can buy books about the Blood type way of eating from big bookshops (They've got a website to get you going though).

rasputin · 23/01/2010 10:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chil1234 · 25/01/2010 14:49

There's nothing wrong with bread and there is no need to cut it out Losing weight successfully is about taking in slightly fewer calories than you use up on a regular basis. The calories in bread are no more fattening than any other calories... so all you have to do is exercise some portion-control in order to stay within your daily target

Wholemeal bread, being more nutritious and higher in fibre than white bread, is rather more filling for the same cals per 100g.... so given the choice, that's the way to go.
It's true also for all the starchy carbohydrates. 1oz of white rice has the same calories as 1oz of brown rice but the brown rice, being less refined, will keep you feeling satisfied just that little bit longer.

So I'd encourage you to enjoy your toast as part of a balanced diet and to count the calories as normal into your total. Get plenty of exercise and you should be able to control your weight.

ppeatfruit · 26/01/2010 15:04

so Chili why does my dh loose weight and his bad moods when he stops eating wheat of ANY type??? Also why does my constipation and my belly disappear when I stop eating wheat of any type?

Chil1234 · 26/01/2010 17:10

You could both have a gluten intolerance or it could be form of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) If you suspect that you do then keep a food & symptom diary for a week or so, see if there is a correlation and go along to your doctor with it for further advice. Make a note if you're eating wholegrain wheat or if you're eating products made out of refined flour.... some people can be more sensitive to refined flour products because the lack of fibre leads to constipation, bloating and other IBS-like symptoms. Check what happens when you eat other grains eg. porridge oats, quinoa, white rice. NB many procesed foods made out of wheat (such as white pasta) also have a lot of nasties added as well.... these can cause digestion problems.

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