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"My big fat diet show" inspired 2 week trial - whos with me???

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TettyLouBar · 18/01/2010 13:58

Right, that show has inspired me. 1200 calories a day isn't that unreachable and some of those women on that programme lost nearly 10lb in the 2 weeks!!!

All I want to do is give it a 2 week trial, no cheating. Strictly 1200cal, (I'm also gonna exercise using Davina) and see exactly how much I can lose in 2 weeks if I put my mind to it.

Who's with me?? come on ladies. We start tomo??

OP posts:
Chil1234 · 26/01/2010 06:32

1200 calories is not a huge amount - in fact it's the bare minimum amount that a pretty small, oldish, totally sedentary woman needs to keep body and soul together. If you're very overweight, particularly tall, planning to be very active and quite young then 1200 is probably going to leave you feeling quite drained, very hungry and quite likely to binge. If you're between, say, 11 and 14 stone and under 40 you could lose weight quite happily, with an exercise programme, on 1500-1700 a day and feel a lot better in the process.

Losing weight fast is always an attractive idea but 'crash-dieting' has all kinds of unfortunate consequences. The most common being yo-yo-ing straight back to your old weight in short order.

TV shows are done for entertainment. It's good that you're inspired but take some time to work out if what they're doing is appropriate for you. Good luck

JollyPirate · 26/01/2010 06:58

I'll join you tetty - but will probably go higher than 1200 cals for the reasons chil has highlighted above. Am pretty certain I can do one or two days as a kickstart on 1200 cals though. I'll start today - have loads to lose.

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