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gina84uk · 16/01/2010 13:51

just wondering if anyone has used acciberry?,does it work?
iam 3 stone over weight and started weightwatchers but i was thinking off using this acciberry as a boost

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leeanne1407 · 16/01/2010 15:44

i paid £30 for acia berry and it honestly never done a thing for me, i also done some research on it becuase its plastered all over the internet saying alot of big american chat hosts all use it and say its great but at the time i checked out 2 of their official websites and they were actually starting legal procedding against anybody using their name against the product so i wouldnt beleave the hype

Chil1234 · 25/01/2010 18:08

Save your money. Acai berries (and other berries like kiwifruit) have some good nutritional properties and antioxidant qualities. But that's as far as it goes. No single food will help you lose weight all by itself.... but there are plenty of people willing to take your money and let you find that out for yourself!

If you really want to boost your weight-loss make sure you base your meals around vegetables, fruit and wholegrains, eat regularly, drink plenty of plain fluids and take daily exercise. Fibre, fluid, regular meals and extra activity will all boost your metabolism much more than an expensive pill.

nadskaz · 10/02/2010 17:48

dont try accai berry, it makes you run to the bathroom, you get messy pants and it doesnt even make you lose weight, the only thing it does, gives you a bit of energy. dont waste your money.

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