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Anyone doing low GI type diet?

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Buda · 11/01/2010 08:55

Yet another January and yet another diet!

Want to do low GI for health reasons as well as losing weight. Dad is diabetic and I suspect I am well on the way. Love pulses and beans. Like to feel I have eaten enough so feel that low GI will fill me up.

Anyone else doing low GI at the moment? Am planning on doing weekly meal plans so any recipes gratefully received.

Today is planning day and tomorrow is starting day.

OP posts:
BecauseImWorthIt · 11/01/2010 09:03

could join us here?

Many of us seem to be low carbing, but it's a challenge for all of us/any kind of plan.

Buda · 11/01/2010 14:06

Thanks BIWI - can't seem to get that link to work!

OP posts:
GettinTrimmer · 11/01/2010 17:38

Hi Buda, I have a low GI index cookery book and I try and include plenty of basmati rice and pulses as they really fill me up. I am on the other thread where we weigh in every Monday and many of us are doing different things.

I am sticking to eating 4 times a day and including low GI index food.

It seems to be working so far, lost some weight this week.

Buda · 11/01/2010 17:50

Hi GettinTrimmer! Which other thread? I couldn't get the link to work.

I have a couple of low gi books and am planning lots of soups and porridge and other warming healthy filling things.

OP posts:
GettinTrimmer · 11/01/2010 17:56

2010 weight loss lose 2 stone by March - anyone want to join me?

We've all got different amount to lose. I have 2 stone.

I've had several name changes, we have spoken before I think ages ago on the Shiney general health thread.

My sister lost weight on porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch I remember, works well.

GettinTrimmer · 11/01/2010 17:57

And my dad is also diabetic!

BecauseImWorthIt · 11/01/2010 18:02

Sorry Buda - don't know what happened there!

Here you go

Buda · 11/01/2010 19:12

Thanks BIWI - it works now. Will have a look.

GettinTrimmer - I couldn't keep up with Shiney's threads! Too busy. I have been on SO many weight loss threads over the time I have been on MN! And I still have 6 stone to lose.

Weighing in in the morning and having porridge for b-fast and then taking the dog for a walk. Then making a huge batch of veg/lentil soup.

OP posts:
Buda · 12/01/2010 09:27

Hi - BIWI thanks for link but I think I might give that thread a miss if you don't mind. I did Atkins a few times and I know that I will be tempted to do it again if you guys are all doing it! I really want to just follow a low GI healthy way of eating. I am a nightmare at actually deciding what diet to follow and switch and change a lot so will wish you all well but try and stick to my low GI plan.

OP posts:
BecauseImWorthIt · 12/01/2010 09:56

Good luck, Buda. The key thing is to find something that works for you, so I do understand! I think Cybil (sorry, don't know what name she's using at the moment), is also doing low GI, if you want to try and track her down.
Buda · 12/01/2010 12:07

Cybil? Ex fishie person?

Well I have gone and signed up to Tesco Diets! I did that years ago (while doing Atkins!) and found it good. So signed up for their GI diet for 8 weeks and will see how I go.

Took the dog for a walk as part of the new me and fell over! NOT a good start. And DH laughed when I told him. Bah.

OP posts:
BecauseImWorthIt · 12/01/2010 12:18

No - not ex-fishie person! Different Cybil names, such as CybilLiberties. Posts a lot on style and beauty.

If I see her around I'll point her in your direction!

Sorry about the fall. Are you OK?

Buda · 12/01/2010 12:25

Ah. I remember her now. Will keep my eye out for her.

I'm fine. Slightly sore hand. Dented pride. You know how it is! No one saw thank God!

OP posts:
CruelAndUnusualParenting · 24/02/2010 17:03


I haven't been following the weight loss discussions, so only just found this. DW and I have been doing low GI for about a year. We've been eating well in that time, we've not been very strict and we've had some slippage over Christmas. Even with all that I've lost around 5kg. I believe DW has lost more, but she was losing pregnancy weight as well as regular weight loss.

Sticking to the (fairly relaxed) diet is no great hardship, we aren't yoyoing and we are still on a downward trend.

Chil1234 · 01/03/2010 14:28

I've been following a Low GI diet since about 2005.... lost over 50lbs by planning ahead, getting more exercise, trimming portion-sizes and monitoring calorie intake at the same time as changing the way my diet was made up. Now I keep following the same food choices and eat a little more to maintain.

Personally, I really like Low GI eating because I'm quite happy to prepare meals from basic, simple wholefoods. Pulses are my personal favourite because they're incredibly versatile, filling and CHEAP! The whole family can enjoy the same foods as I do which is very important because I'm not the type that's going to make lots of different meals. And with a little creative flair I can extend Low GI principles to 'dinner party food' just as easily.

Favourite Low-GI recipe comes from and it's Chorizo Chickpea Stew with Brown Rice. Chickpeas in a rich tomato sauce flavoured with sliced red peppers, onions and a small amount of diced chorizo sausage... serve with a little brown rice... lots of salad greens. Lovely.

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