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dieting with a breastfed 9 month old

4 replies

pinkdolly · 08/01/2010 15:04

Has anyone gone on a diet whilst still breastfeeding? What are the rules?

A few years ago I had a really good result with s low carb diet. But wasn't breastfeeding then.

And I know you should be cautious dieting with a tiny baby. But ds will actually be 10 months old in 2 weeks. Has anyone dieted and it effected their milk supply?

How much is a safe amount to lose per week?

Thank you

OP posts:
Tori27 · 08/01/2010 16:47

I tried to cut down while breast feeding but had little luck. Withing a week of stopping breastfeeding I suddenly had loads of energy (which I hadn't realised I was missing) and the weight fell off without trying.

Sorry this isn't much help, and everyone is different, but I found that I retained some fat while feeding, so it was just meant to be.

Good luck, but don't stress about it xx

PurpleEglu · 08/01/2010 16:53

You can do Weight Watchers while dieting. THey factor in extra calories for you.

sneezecake · 08/01/2010 17:36

i lost weight when bf (i still do at 16 mo) it didn't effect my milk supply but you need to eat really healthy stuff, more protein and fat less carbs. and make sure you drink more water or fruit juice.

ShowOfHands · 08/01/2010 17:43

Sensible dieting while bfing won't affect your milk supply in the slightest.

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