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first day on xenical, anyone else out there?

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lotstoloose · 23/11/2009 14:52

Name changed for this, have tried a million and one ways to loose weight and im desperate, need to loose weight for my health, physical and mental. So here goes.

Just not to sure what im doing, weighed myself this morning 18stone 3lbs, what a shocker, terrible. I was 16 stone before i had my dd. Not going to beat myself up anymore just want to try and be positive.

If anyone else is using xenical or alli maybe we can support each other, share some meal plans etc.

OP posts:
lotstoloose · 23/11/2009 14:55

should just add, today ive had
breakfast........ 2 weetabix and skimmed milk
luch....... chicken salad sandwich and fresh fruit salad and to snack 1 apple.
for dinner ill be having chicken veg stir fry with noodles and more fresh fruit salad.

Can i have my glass of wine with meal? As far as i know i just have to stick to a low fat diet, does wine have fat in..... gosh, should i know this? Well i dont, maybe thats why im fat!

OP posts:
ILoveStripeySocks · 23/11/2009 15:04

No, no fat in wine. Plenty of colories though but I know you are just cutting out fat whilst on Xenical.

Furball · 23/11/2009 15:09

have a look here

lotstoloose · 23/11/2009 15:47

mmm good and bad news i suppose, i just sooo look forward to sitting down for my meal with a glass of red, been a testing day today as well, feel like ill be draing the whole bottle come 7 oclock!

Thanks for the link furball, ill have a good read, if my dd would just give me 10 mins peace that is!

OP posts:
lotstoloose · 23/11/2009 22:01

annother question if anyone can help me, i realise i have to stick to 5% fat but i should be keeping an eye on calorie intake too but i dont know how many cals i need to limit myself too to loose weight, can anyone advise me?

OP posts:
Furball · 24/11/2009 07:30

sign up free at food focus and there is a tool there for you to input your details.

there is also a page to input your daily intake and tell you how many calories you have consumed.

loads here have found it very useful

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