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Um ok so my sister got engaged - I'm bridesmaid... I have 2 years to lose 11 stone... Bloody Hell.

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Alambil · 31/08/2009 01:48

I can't do it!

OP posts:
benfmsmum · 31/08/2009 01:52

Course you can, positive thinking!!!

missmama · 31/08/2009 02:41

Spark people website recons I can loose 9 stone in 12 months!! At least somebody thinks I can

GentleOtter · 31/08/2009 06:07

Start by losing one stone and take it bit by bit. Can you ask your GP to refer you to a dietitian?
You will also find loads of support/ ideas here.
Congratulations to your sister.

Alambil · 31/08/2009 13:25

I might go to the GP but nothing's going to help other than me Just Doing It if that makes sense...

ho hum, will just have to try my best I guess!

OP posts:
DuchessOfAvon · 31/08/2009 13:35

I lost 4 stone before having the kids, put one back on and am now starting again to lose another 4. Weightwatchers does it for me.

You CAN do it - the trick is not to think about all 11 stone.

Start with trying to lose, say 1.5 stone, before Christmas. Then set another goal for Easter etc..... Use a methodology that works for you - WW or Slimmers World or whatever and just keep it short-term. Then you'll know that you'll be lighter for the wedding but you'll only know by how much nearer the time. BUT you WILL be thinner than you are now which is the aim, right?

Go go Lewisfan.

AvadaKedavra · 31/08/2009 13:35

LF do you want to lose weight though? For yourself I mean? Rarely works well if you have deadlines and time limits, puts one hell of alot of pressure on yourself.

AMumInScotland · 31/08/2009 13:39

Ok, so 2 years, 11 stone. That's 2 months per stone, so 8 weeks for 14 pounds. I work that out as about 1 and a half pounds per week. Well, that's not a terrible amount to try to lose. It's just that you need to sustain it longterm.

But, first off, I think you need to be aware of why you are the weight you are, and try to address those issues - I don't know if you've already done it, but maybe the gp could suggest someone you could talk to about that side of it?

What about actual healthy eating advice? Do you think you need any of that, or is it just a question of putting it into practice?

Then, well, it does come down as you say to just doing it. Have you lost weight before - what works well for you? Do you think the support/nagging of a RL group would be good? Or something online? Does nagging work better, or are you more in need of support and sympathy?

supersalstrawberry · 31/08/2009 13:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lizzylou · 31/08/2009 13:40

You can, Lewisfan, you know you can.

Have a look at Shiney's thread, there are ladies on there following all sorts of diet plans, all with different targets, it is good to have support and some online mates to chivvy you along when it all seems too much.

I think you should go to GPs, they can help with diet and fitness.

You can do it, promise you that after the first stone you'll be full of self-belief and determination.

GeneHunt · 31/08/2009 13:43

Have you talked to your Dr about a lap-band? My friend who was nearly 20 stone lost half her weight in just over a year and now eats completely normally. She likes that it is reversible and she just glows now. Good luck!

ZippysMum · 31/08/2009 13:47

I will def. be up for a weight loss support thread buddy in a month or so (once these twins are born!) I have put on over 5st during this pg and I was already a stone overweight to start with.
I plan to follow Slimming World (though I may not go to the meetings) - I lost nearly 3 st with them while trying to get pg.

hambo · 31/08/2009 13:50

I have lost a stone and a bit with scottish slimmers. They are great! I dont go to the meeting but phone up my 'coach' every week. It is not like being on a diet - I eat loads. You can eat chocolate and whatever you want really. It is soooo good!!

I hope it all goes well for you...

pasturesnew · 31/08/2009 14:02

You can def do it, 1 1/2 lbs per week is a really sensible rate of weight loss and actually if you have a lot to lose I think you can reasonably expect it to come off quite a bit faster at first. Good luck!

Alambil · 31/08/2009 15:11

physiologically, it's possible - I know what / when / how to eat healthily ... I just eat miles too much chocolate and drink FAR too much diet coke of an evening - it's boredom, loneliness ... all sorts

I want to be thin (well, size 12/14 would do!). I really want it; I just have to get my mental health in order to sustain it

I lost 2.5 stone in 12 weeks recently (well, a few months back) so know it's do-able... it's just doing it

What's a lapbelt? Is it surgery?

OP posts:
crokky · 31/08/2009 15:31

With the choc, rather than totally giving it up, I'd have a bit as a sort of morning break, then you have time the rest of the day to actually burn it off. Then no more choc later on in the day.

Also, you could have a rule no eating after 6pm. This worked really well for me when I lost 3 stone.

Are you addicted to diet coke? (I have a friend who never goes anywhere without a can of it). With this, I would be careful not to have it too close to meals (food sloshing about in diet coke is harder to digest). It would also be covered by the no food after 6pm rule.

Like others have said, it is easiest not to think of the entire amount to lose, but to think of the first stone or whatever.

CommonNortherner · 31/08/2009 16:42

I use Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" cd most nights, it's cheesy, but also magic. I "only" have 7 stone to go now!

I have always found it very stressful to have an actual goal weight and so last year, after three years of "dieting" and weighing more at the end of the year my simple goal was to weigh less at the end of a year than I started. Afterall, if it was only 1 lb I would have vastly improved on the previous years! And I did it!!

And you may not have to get down to your goal anyway to feel good about yourself. I am obviously still a porker but damn I feel absolutely great about myself right now. And that is the key, because if I am self-hating I eat more.


CommonNortherner · 31/08/2009 16:45

Actually, I have not focused so much on what I still have left to lose that I didn't realise it was "just" 7 stone and I keep looking at that number right now and I want to cry with happiness!!!

pasturesnew · 31/08/2009 17:45

Speak to your GP too, they might be willing to prescribe Xenical

tullytwo · 31/08/2009 17:58

LewisFan I started in May of this year with at least 10 stone to lose-I am now 2 stone 4lbs lighter-so nearly a quarter of the way there so I can support you if you need it.

Also I was at my sisters wedding last June and it was awful being so big-so it will help spur you on knowing there is a deadline if you know what I mean. Even being anything lighter than what you are now will be a bonus and you will feel that at least you are on the road to doing something about your weight.

I feel so much better its amazing with such a small loss in the the grand scale of it all how much a difference it can make.

I know you know this already as you have lost weight before-if you need any support just shout.

Kbear · 31/08/2009 21:24


Alambil · 31/08/2009 22:42

pasture I refuse to take it - it does horrific things to me

Thanks guys

What doesn't help is the incessant "2 years to go... we've got 2 years to lose our weight... we need to lose weight for the wedding... I KNOW lets go dress shopping to encourage us...." wedding blah blaa weight blah weight blah wedding...

I'm sick of it and it's only been 48 hours

AND every time I eat or drink my mother and sister will comment

I can't be doing with that tbh

OP posts:
spookycharlotte121 · 31/08/2009 23:15

How exciting though and havng a target to meet has to be the best incentive ever!

You can do it. Take it one step at a time and reward yourself.

I have decided that once I have lost a stone (my target is 2 maybe 3 stone) I am going to have a massage.

Just keep in your head how AMAZING you will look in the bridesmaids dress!


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flaminhell · 31/08/2009 23:32

Hah, loved your opening line, made me smile on a really crap day. But all you need to do is walk,be careful about your food look at it as fuel rather than yummy treats, and walk, if you walk you not only burn while you walk but for hours later, positive thinking, achieve your goal. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

pasturesnew · 31/08/2009 23:37

Can totally understand that LF, bet it makes you want to avoid meals with your mum and sis for the next 2 years!!

For me, having a weekly target is much much easier to think about than a longer-term one. I also recommend WW online as it helped me to feel that extra bit of walking or whatever each day really did make a difference.

AMumInScotland · 01/09/2009 09:13

Can you talk to your mum and sister? I mean, if you could say "Look, I'm really happy about the whole wedding thing, and I'm definitely hoping to lose weight, but I don't find that it helps me to feel like I'm being continually pestered about it, so if you really want to help, could you maybe just give me some space to go for it on my own?" then would they take that on board?

I'm losing a bit of weight at the moment, though not on the same scale, and I know how I react to certain things is not helpful. Like, if I think "I can't have that", then my next thought will be "Well I'm damn well going to have it, no-one is going to stop me eating what I want!", which rather ruins the healthy eating plan.

But if I can catch that thought before it pops up and replace it with "I'm choosing not to eat that because losing weight is more important to me" then I feel positive about my choice to not have it, rather than negative, and that keeps me on track much better.

If you know that your mum and sister's comments and behaviour set you into a negative feeling about losing weight, then getting them to understand that and try to either be helpful or just keep quiet would maybe help.

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