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What gyms do you belong to and how much do you pay per month?

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npg1 · 22/08/2009 19:00

Hi. Well in september I am joining a gym but not sure what one to join. There is a cheap one up road from me which is £25 per month but wondering if I pay more for a better/ bigger gym. I will be going 4 times a week.

What gym do you go to and how much does it cost? The one I am thinking of is a Bannatyne one.

OP posts:
LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune · 22/08/2009 19:04

What do you want out of your gym? Good gym? Good weight section? Lots of different classes? Posh towels?

KembleTwins · 22/08/2009 19:05

I go to Virgin Active. I pay £39 per month. That includes large gym, a massive variety of classes, a swimming pool with sauna etc. It's a nice gym. If it was grotty, I'd be less likely to go, so it's kind of a motivational thing. I also pay £7 per month for each of my DCs and they get 2 hours every day (if I want them to) of activities with the kids club, plus unlimitted use of the pool, which is fab as we can all go together.

expatinscotland · 22/08/2009 19:05

I belong to the green gym.

I have to walk at least 4 miles/day pushing tons of child and more child on my back.

Costs nada.

npg1 · 22/08/2009 23:02

I want a nice gym, good weights and classes (with the £25 one they dont do classes and its very small but could probably make do.)

Not bothered about towels. Would like to meet new people.

OP posts:
thedailymailiscrap · 23/08/2009 10:38

What will fit into your lifestyle?

How many times a week, realistically, will you be able to go?

And do you want classes or are you happy pounding away on the machines on your own? If so, is there a decent range of tv channels to watch while you're running/stepping?

I've just cancelled my membership after 10 years.

The classes are aren't mainly at times I can get to (I work FT) so I was only going to 1 yoga class a week, and too busy to go any other time.

Plus, since we've had a dog which needs walking I'm getting plenty of exercise either walking or running with the dog. And we invested in a cross-trainer (bought it off eBay, it's an excellent one), which is in front of digital tv in a spare room.

But when dc were young, and I wasn't a free taxi driver for their own sporting activities, it was ideal because they could go in the free creche/kids' club while I worked out and then we'd all go for a swim or play tennis or squash together.

So, depends what your needs are - try to work that out first and don't tie yourself in for too long so you can cancel if you're not going enough to justify the fee.

LollipopViolet · 31/08/2009 12:24

I go to a Fitness First gym. I pay £19 a month, plus a £1 suppliment each visit (I could go to the next plan up, at £29 and no extra £1, but with going back to uni, I won't get the most out of it, so I'm paying more now, but if I go 2 times a week when back at uni, it pays for itself- a guest pass is about £10).

Anyway, for that money I get quite a large cardio room, good selection of weights, and all classes included. It also has a sauna/steam room. I'm very happy there.

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