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anyone coeliac who's dieting?

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danthe4th · 29/07/2009 20:55

I have been coeliac for 4 years now and have got the hang of it pretty well, 3 stone dropped of when diagnosed as too scared to eat anything, but now when i'm in a rush i'm grabbing snacks which all tend to be high in sugar, chocolate and gluten free cakes etc and i've put a stone of blubber on. I know the answer is to not snack or eat more fruit etc but I don't I just grab a chocolate bar, a gf one though.I want to stop eating chocolate but can't any suggestions, please

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becstarlitsea · 30/07/2009 12:48

I am coeliac and dieting too. I know what you mean - sometimes I'm starving and because chocolate is often the safest gf option I grab it at the corner shop and I now need to lose 2 stone.

I've made a few resolutions. I find regimented diets hard to stick to along with the restrictions of coeliac so rather than try to change what I eat, I'm trying to change how I eat ie

  • chew everything 25 times before swallowing (so that I don't 'inhale' food without noticing I'm even eating)
  • have a glass of water every time I want to snack between meals and then wait 20 minutes to see if the craving has passed
  • if I find myself in corner shop with DS and am desparate for junk food, I'm allowed an ice lolly (not ice cream) or packet of snack a jacks - no chocolate or crisps - I eat chocolate and crisps too fast and it only makes me crave them more when I eat them...
  • try to be more active - lots of walking and taking DS swimming
  • I'm not buying chocolate or gf cakes in the weekly shop and sticking to recipes that are naturally low fat and gluten free - eg chicken salad with mixed beans, olives and cherry tomatoes, stir fries with rice noodles, chicken and rice casserole, fish provencale with vegetables etc.

By the way, have you tried the new gluten free bread brands which have just come out - they're amazing! Genius at Tesco is just like real bread, and so is Mrs Crimble's White Unsliced at Sainsburys. My only trouble now is stopping myself eating a whole loaf...
danthe4th · 30/07/2009 22:47

I daren't try those new breads i'll eat the lot!!! Whenever something new comes out I feel it's my duty to try it, I love mrs crimbles cream cheese triangle bite things, but I just scoff them so quickly. I get schar baguette and rolls on presciption which are ok, I also love scotch pancakes made with doves farm sf flour.I eat corn crackers with marmite but end up eating half the box, i'm sat here nibbling on sunflower seeds as i've been to the gym tonight, and I did do a healthy dinner for the family and me. I think I just need to get back into my old routine of healthy eating and give up the chocolate again.I always used to have a fruit salad made in the fridge its tha best way to eat more fruit.
Thanks for the ideas i'm going to give them all a go, I needed the inspiration.

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