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Any helpful advice please from woman

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coolj · 11/07/2009 08:55

I started a heathy eating plan a month ago, some of you may remember. I have been doing really well and cut out 99% of all rubbish. I have been swimming twice a week and half and hour twice a week on my treadmill. I have tried to be really disciplined and managed to lose one stone of weight, which Im chuffed about.

But last night you would have thought I was a drug addict. I was scouring the house looking for chocolate. I didnt find any but I found some jellybabies. You would of thought I was a woman possessed. I must have eaten a dozen, ate some hula hoops and some M and Ms. Im paying for it today, I feel really sluggish.

I dont even normally eat sweets, dont like them much. I know I did this as its the week before my period. I always just want to eat all the time on this week.

Please help. Things is I know it must be in the mind, but I was like a deranged woman.

Any tips, other than wiring my jaws, would b appreciated.

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 11/07/2009 12:24

Hi coolj, I am like that once I get going. I am on the Cambridge Diet and did amazingly well in on e mon th losing almost 2 stones. However, I had a wedding at the beginning of this month as my goal and now that has passed I to am like a women possessed. I have been known to eat cooking chocolate when I am on "one". I think it is all in the mind and you have realised what you have done. Dont beat yourself up over it, just draw a line under it and start afresh, after all you are only humane! And well done on the fab weight loss! xx

coolj · 11/07/2009 13:42

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I just thought you might be able to buy something over the counter that counteracts the cravings on this one week. The thing is I never crave anything sweet normally. Well done on your amazing loss too.

OP posts:
TrollyDolly1 · 11/07/2009 15:42

I think there are things available but Im not sure if they work.

moondog · 11/07/2009 15:46

Try the Motivaider

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