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What to do about winter clothes?

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ipodtherforipoor · 30/06/2009 15:10

I'm in a serious attempt at changing my lifestyle and getting fitter and thinner.

I need to cull my wardrobe but I've just started and none of my winter clothes are wearable - well, they are but they are falling off me, look awful and give me licence to eat as they feel so loose!

Shall I just get rid of everything that doesnt fit today and worry about buying a new winter work wardrobe in october when its too cold to keep the summer stuff on?! If stuff doesnt fit well now - its going to be even bigger by the time I need to wear it.

I've never got to the point of serious weightloss where I actually have to stop wearing hings becaus they are falling off me! Slight incident with jeans falling down at legoland resulted in emergency belt made from a scarf!

I'm just scared that if I put in a box under the bed I will know its there and take my eye offf the ball and never shrink out of it.
if I get rid of it all and the weightloss stops I will need to buy the same sized stuff to replace it.


OP posts:
IpeeFreely · 30/06/2009 15:11

get rid

replenish from charity shops

you go girlfriend

EyeballsandherSunburntNorks · 30/06/2009 15:14

Been there done that. Get rid otherwise you will find yourself back in them. I did It didn't matter if my jeans got a bit tight because I had every size available from 12-22.

Joolsiam · 30/06/2009 15:15

I have exactly the same dilemma - winter stuff too big and pretty worn anyway as I've always refused to buy more until I've lost weight - one of the work skirts is 5 years old and has been worn twice every winter week

Trying to screw up the courage to get rid rather than save "just in case" - will only keep selected items that may be useful in that awkward period between getting bigger and qualifying for a maternity wardrobe.

Get rid is definitely the way to go - remove all temptation Just take a deep breath and do it - I'll join you

ipodtherforipoor · 30/06/2009 15:21

right - COME ON!!! heading up stairs with a bin liner!

OP posts:
ipodtherforipoor · 30/06/2009 15:24

I nearly wet myself with excitement the other day as I wore a size 22 skirt and cardigan from a "normal" range from Tesco and Sainsbury's.

I might even get away with not buying anything from Evans ever again this winter coming! Which is a shame for my bank balance - but it will be so nice to be able to go to any city or town in the UK and not worry about not being able to get a new top or pair of pants if I needed them!

OP posts:
gingernutlover · 30/06/2009 18:36

wow well done you!

i would recommend, chucking everything that is more than 1 size 2 big (we all have days when we feel bloated and want somehting with a bit of extra room)

that was the minute your clohtes get too tight you have to do something about it, rather than just look in the airing cupboard for the bigger sizes you saved.

Boot fairs are good for very cheap clothes too, i got 2 lovely summer skirts last week for £3.

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