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Can anyone recommend any appetite-supression tablets that work?

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beaniebaby25 · 08/06/2009 11:55

Title says it all really. I'm following Food Focus and trying to reduce my calorie intake and could do with some help with my appetite. There seems to be hundreds of 'natural appetite supressants' on the market but I wondered if anyone here had any experience?

Are there any you'd recommend or warn me against?

Please help.. I must reach my target weight by summer holiday

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 08/06/2009 11:57

water is good, sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger so the body makes you think you are hungry

Sheeta · 08/06/2009 11:57

bump - interested in this too

beaniebaby25 · 08/06/2009 12:24

Thanks MumofMonsters. I've been drinking a lot more water and agree, it definitely does make a difference. it does stave off those hunger pangs.

I was also looking for a boost though, and had read that Adios was good but several reviews i've read indicate it's just not potent enough to do anything. UniqueHoodia looks good though... just don't want to waste my hard-earned ££ on something that won't work.

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 08/06/2009 14:26

You really will get used to eating a smaller amount, trust me. Maybe you just need distraction or healthy low cal snacks to tide you over

scoutandjem · 08/06/2009 14:38

I have tried alli, adiios and zotrim. All uselss. I only have a stone to lose but it is proving v difficult. Once got slimming pills from a dodgy source and didn't sleep for a whole night only realsie in hindsight that it was proably speed?!!

I'm going back to Atkins, can eat plenty as long as carb free. Here we come laughing cow cheese and turkey slices!!

spokette · 08/06/2009 14:43

Drink a glass of water every hour. Most of the time when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty.

boodleboot · 12/06/2009 18:59

i tried these tablets called 'dare to bare'. They really worked. i got them from my local tanning shop but they are online. herbal and safe as far as i can see,

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