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I exercise three times a week...... BUT.......

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RGPargy · 28/05/2009 22:28

...... i go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (cardio, weights, cardio) and then do nothing for the rest of the week until the following Monday. I'm beginning to think that this isn't doing me any favours, either aerobically or otherwise.

Am i right?

I cant go after 4pm in the evenings after work because i have an off peak membership. At the weekend i can only go after 2.30pm, which is a pain because i'm normally in the middle of doing stuff by then (although i do have until 8.30pm)

Anyway, before i try and persuade DP to let me upgrade my membership so that i can go any time i like, am i right in thinking that i would benefit more from doing something in the four days i am not going?

OP posts:
hmc · 28/05/2009 22:31

Do you have a bike - could you vary your routine by doing some cycling on other days?

What about a short jog (2 miles) near your home? Very time effective way to work out, no waste of time spent in travelling to and from the gym; you start exercising the moment you leave your front door

It is beneficial to exercise most days, but not every day should be a strenous work out. There should be some easy workouts included....

Lizzylou · 28/05/2009 22:35

What about swimming? Exercise DVD?
And yes, a run?

rasputin · 28/05/2009 22:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Annner · 29/05/2009 09:40

Second the idea of doing stuff at home: I can't get out to a gym at all, as I don't drive, DH and I both have evening commitments and it can't be squeezed in.

I bought a rebounder for £40 from Argos (a Reebok one) and a DVD and I do three half hour sessions on that each week in front of the TV when DH is at Cubs or other evening stuff. It's so lovely not having to cycle home again afterwards! That would be a lot cheaper than gym membership.

You could also find a class elsewhere for another evening: I do Pilates on a Thursday.

RGPargy · 29/05/2009 12:13

I dont have a bike so cant cycle, although DP has one and he did suggest I get one, plus one of those little pods to put your kids in and pull them along behind you. That would be ideal because we could all go out together then!

Cant really exercise during the day because DD (18 months) puts a stop to that, plus i work on Thurs and Fri and dont get home til gone 7pm on those days.

I did used to exercise at home years ago and have tried to do so now too but in all honesty, i just cant get the motivation to exercise at home, especially in the conservatory during the summer as it's boiling hot, but is the only place big enough to exercise in without kicking something over!

The only exercise i do on a Thurs and Fri is walking to and from the station which is about 15 minutes each way.

OP posts:
Annner · 29/05/2009 21:24

It's tough, I know. It will get easier when your DS gets a bit older. My DS is now 2.5 and my window for home exercise has only opened recently.

Do what you can. And if you can't do more yet, don't worry.

gingernutlover · 02/06/2009 14:45

i won a cross trainer on ebay the other week for £60 its great and I do at least 10 minuites everyday, I have cancelled my gym membership which i was doing about 2 nights a week because i reckon I do more at home and I only had to pay once!

In 10 minutes I go like a mad woman and it says i burn 150 cals. The other day I had longer and did 6km on it, totting up nearly 400cals.

if you've got the space then this might be another option? Mine is about 1m long by 40 cm wide so it doesnt need much room at all. Pop LO infront of Mr Tumble/Tweenies for 10 minutes and bobs your uncle!

RGPargy · 03/06/2009 01:07

That's a good idea You have good motivation!

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