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Weight loss class moving to a day I cant do just when I'M STUCK

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wonka · 21/05/2009 23:52

I've been doing slimming world..lost 2 stone since last sept.. But I'm stuck since March not lost a lb.. We've had 3 different consultants in that time. Just now when I'm stuck (I have 2st still to loose) I feel the difference in my weight, I look ok and and its difficult to be motivated to look better. Our newest consultant (who has been really good!) announces shes moving the class to a Tuesday.. I'm gutted it the only day of the week I cannot do (so I went home and ate a twix.. Beat myself up! and then tried to think my next move.) I can't face joining a new class a fourth consultant and a new group is too much.. is it possible to do it without a group now I have all the books and info even if I'm not quite there with the motivaton?

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