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Diet Plates anyone with one any advice?

2 replies

timmette · 11/05/2009 12:48

I'm pregnant so don't want to diet was a little overweight before so would like to control portions a bit I can see myself looking like an elephant soon - my problem is portion control I have no fondness for chocs etc - I just like my starch rice potatoes etc?
Does anyone have one or any advice>

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Jenice · 11/05/2009 15:59

You probably know this already but you need to eat plenty good food when you are pregnant. Instead of using a diet plate why dont you start by putting all the veg on the plate first in large portions (you can never have too much) then when there is not a lot of space left add the starchy food and meats so that you can't overdo it. If you don't normally eat a lot of veg with meals then use a side plate for your food and try to have a couple of pieces of fruit after to fill you up.

timmette · 11/05/2009 16:34

Thanks Jenice I know that and eat lots of fruit and veg I just wanted to know about portion sizes really it's so easy to pile a plate high lol . I'm a sucker for gadgets things too.

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